Reporting Scotland openly undermines the message aimed at saving lives

In an astonishingly irresponsible move on a day when the First Minister had just reported 15 deaths and reminded us that half of them were under 80 and that more than one was under 60, Reporting Scotland follow her clear advice on travel by undermining it.

The FM reported hard evidence that large numbers of new cases in Scotland have been connected to Blackpool.

In Ireland, TV News reports and repeats advice like this to help reduce risk.

Here, BBC Scotland contact a public official in Blackpool, feed him the report and platform him bizarrely defending his town’s tourist trade, with inaccurate information.

Rajpura tells us that the infection rate in Blackpool is 230 per 100 000 and is ‘lower than some parts of Scotland.

In fact, only Glasgow and South Lanarkshire are slightly higher at 285 and 289 cases per 100 000 and those parts closest to Blackpool in the South-West have rates less than half.!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

That argument, of course, regardless of relative rates is ridiculous, especially from a public health official, on at least two counts.

First, encouraging travel between two highly infected areas will only make things worse in both of them and encouraging people to travel from an area with a higher rate, into your own area with a lower rate, seems a form of self-harm. Have the people of Blackpool heard this suggestion?

Blackpool on 20th September: Manchester Evening News

Why did Reporting Scotland not contact the local police? Even in September when the rate was far lower, Deputy Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary Terry Woods said:

Going to Blackpool, if you’re not from Blackpool, this weekend and mingling in any large crowds, that is not looking after my family and it wouldn’t be looking after your family.

None of this compares, however, with a public service broadcaster with a royal charter obliging it to inform the public, behaving in this way.


22 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland openly undermines the message aimed at saving lives

  1. If Scottish football fans cross the border this weekend in significant numbers,there will be consequences.
    From a Scottish perspective,not so much the journey south but the Leaving of Liverpool (or Blackpool) on the way back that will be our problem.
    If we had proper border controls,we could discourage this sort of activity in the way that Wales are intending to do.

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    1. There is a match on? Scottish fans would go to known hotspots, travel back into Scotland, and spread this deadly virus, they would actually do that? I can’t get my head around that mentality, not now not ever.

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  2. So, an actual Dr. ‘A director of public health’, and the BBC have him telling us that Scotland is sh*tier than his town, and that tourism is more important than saving lives, is that about right?
    I saw a video on facebook yesterday, no idea how it appeared but it was a Canadian Dr, telling us that Covid is not as bad as we think, governments are using it to manipulate their people and take away their freedoms, and masks are just well, stupid. He read from a ‘letter’, (no actual details were forthcoming) that Belgian physicians had apparently signed telling their government they were being too restrictive and disproportionate, re Covid.
    He said the UK gov ‘science advisers’ (!) are right in telling Boris Johnson not to be so daft and were right in just letting peeps do as they please, he then mentioned Australia, I stopped watching then. As far as he is concerned, ‘restrictions by governments are worse than the virus’, re, peoples’ livelihoods and mental health etc. Try telling that to the dead eh. I thought about it later, and came to the conclusion it’s got to be about money.
    Doctors in Canada need money, if they don’t practice, are they losing custom? What’s the deal there re health?
    If this is the sort of thing people are watching on facebook, as I say it just appeared out of nowhere on my fb, not even sure I had opened my facebook page(!), then we are in serious trouble.
    We are going into winter, Scotland’s numbers are going up, England’s numbers are very likely off the scale, Scotland can’t close the border, it’s not looking good at all.
    Are some, a very few, so stupid they can’t forego things like the pub or football matches just for a few weeks or months? We need someone to come up with a vaccine to innoculate against stupid, and quick.

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  3. “Rajpura tells us that the infection rate in Blackpool is 230 per 100 000 and is ‘lower than some parts of Scotland.‘”

    According to the Blackpool Council:”In the 7 days to the 3 October, 196 tested positive for COVID-19, which represents a weekly rate of 140.7 per 100,000 residents.”

    The rate of infection has increased.

    On a different tack, Dr Robertson (no relation?) informs us that, “Worth making the point that the DHSC Test and Trace app warning is based on postcodes e.g. OX1, but the Tier Levels are based on local authority boundaries e.g. Oxford. These are different, so people may be given the wrong Alert Level based on the (first part of their) postcode.”

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  4. And we pay for this mince.

    The BBC that operates in Scotland is a disgrace to journalism, and is more akin to a “Unionist” (really, British nationalist ) mouthpiece than a public service broadcaster.

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  5. I wonder how much the Wastemonster government is paying to have these boxes appear telling us that everyone thinks Boris is doing a good job?


  6. There is something a little ironic about No voting Rangers fans having to travel hundreds of miles into another country to watch their team in a pub. Do they not see how pathetic this is on so many levels. If only they had voted Yes I’m certain they would have been at the game in Glasgow as normal. We avoided the great plague in 1366 and we would have avoided Covid.

    There is something even more ironic about a BBC reporter questioning the First Minister about this. If our “national broadcaster”. did its job, big Scottish games like this would be live on TV. Especially during this pandemic. There would then be no need for unnecessary travel and pub visits in the first place. The main priority is to show English games, even when Scotland have vital games at Hampton Park. This is in line with television in Scotland’s pro British agenda.

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  7. I’ve been avoiding BBC Misreporting Scotland for some time but happened to catch the beginning of this and was appalled. Thankfully the tusker is on the case to call them out. Well done John, we appreciate what you do.


  8. No doubt whatsoever
    That ABC are indeed the Devils little workers
    Utterly shameful
    The heads of the ABC controllers should not
    Bow in repentance
    But await its fall into the basket into which it gazes awaiting the swooshing fall of the blade
    And he who releases the blade
    Cries Next Please

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  9. I am no longer surprised by BBBC Scotland undermining of the messages on Covid – maybe if they experience it first hand they will revise their broadcasts, after which I have no doubt they will blame the Scottish Government.
    I admit to smirking when one of STV’s finest enquired of the FM her thoughts on those who had expressed irritation at the moronic questions asked of her by the journalists. I am merely sorry that she didn’t respond with sympathy for those of us who have to endure them.

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  10. The level per 100,000 may be lower in Blackpool because people visiting catch the virus in Blackpool and are home again before symptoms appear as a result they will be listed as a positive in their home area NOT Blackpool. At least Scotland’s Test and Protect system can identify where people may have been when they become infected and take appropriate action when clusters such as the Blackpool one emerge. Then the appropriate authorities can take targeted action to nip it in the bud.

    Reporting Scotland’s behaviour last night was truly disgraceful.

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    1. Late to the party

      I don’t watch Rep. Scotland, however heard BBC Radio Hospitality Owners , John Beattie , every night it’s non stop Hospitality owners between 5 &6 pm attacking the Scot Gov. It’s awful!

      I remember recently the Big Clown got a frog in his throat after Jason Leitch clearly explained what’s going on .

      There’s still part of him harks back to the good old days when he wasn’t damaging his country.


  11. From the Record. Bad news that people would contemplate making this journey. Good news they can’t visit this pub. FM will have questions on it.

    “A Rangers pub in Blackpool has been forced to close for this weekend’s match against Celtic amid safety fears.

    Bosses at The Gallant Pioneer say that ‘more than 1,500 booking requests’ were made by Gers fans north of the border to watch the crunch clash against Celtic this Saturday.

    The Lancashire pub was bombarded with messages in the last week despite previously telling fans that it did not take any bookings.”

    In a Facebook post to punters yesterday, it was revealed that the pub will close as the number of fans who planned to visit the bar ‘could have potentially put customers and staff at risk’.

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  12. Can’t believe the stupidity of this. The rate per 100,00o will included locals all cases infected in Blackpool but from else where will be missed from this measure. The number of cases outbreaks linked to Blackpool is a more relevant measure.

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  13. From the Gazette in Blackpool reporting the words of those running a pub in Blackpool. Words fail me.

    “We have the First Minister of Scotland advising everyone not to travel to Blackpool, which has led to another barrage of messages of people planning to do the exact opposite of what she has said.”

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    1. It’s almost as if the way to stop the ‘staunch’ from this madness, from showing such disregard for common sense public health guidance, would have been for the FM actively to have encouraged travel to Blackpool to watch the football match. That would have discouraged them from travelling!

      Anyway, I’m sure the queen will be proud to learn of this display of patriotism and loyalty to the British state, and learn of the evident concern being shown for the welfare of all her subjects during these very difficult times.


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