Labour Lord with fridge business cool about surge in covid deaths

How many Labour aristocrats are there? Here comes another out of the freezer to call for ‘Beer before Lives!

Haughey, lazily and confusingly, blames the universities for being open when it was in the open pubs that the students caught and shared the virus in an orgy of drunken hugging, wrestling, snogging and shouting at each other, in the first place.

While I don’t disagree that the universities could have done a better job of managing the return of first-years students, cancelling freshers weeks events, for example, to argue that the pubs should get to stay open and spread the virus because the universities are doing it makes little sense unless, perhaps, you’re a Labour Lord. Two wrongs don’t make a…?

The thing that really strikes you about the likes of Haughey is their apparent callous disregard for saving lives. Mind you psychopaths are attracted to jobs like his.

I don’t know if Haughey gets graphs but the one above tells you that if we don’t do something now, death is on its way.

And, the evidence? Remember that idea? Here are two experts in the Guardian only 5 days ago:

Outbreaks often begin in crowded indoor settings, such as cruise ships, conferences, bars and restaurants, with transmission then occurring beyond that, for example, in households. That’s according to studies cited by Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton.

Prof Linda Bauld, a public health expert at the University of Edinburgh, agreed, noting that contact tracing data from Aberdeen, where a local lockdown was imposed for three weeks in August, showed that the outbreak was triggered by a small number of infectious people entering hospitality venues.

“The idea with restricting access to pubs or restaurants, or closing them altogether, is that we can break the chain of transmission, reduce the number of super-spreading events, and then that should have a decent impact in terms of lowering new outbreaks and therefore onward transmission,” said Head.

4 thoughts on “Labour Lord with fridge business cool about surge in covid deaths

  1. I hope FM doesn’t try to emulate Boris 3rd tier. Pubs and Restaurants are allowed to stay open.
    All Pubs in Liverpool will now offer pie and beans sit down meal so you can spread the Covid with your Pint!


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