First Minister’s Approval ratings still unaffected by Salmondgate

In the last few days we’ve seen our media pundits jumping excitedly to predict that we have passed Peak Nicola. She has been infuriatingly popular in poll after poll. Even the Lancet has lauded her.

But Salmondgate Part 2 surely has her now, they drool.

Jenny Hjul, the Daily Torygraph’s Dundee Correspondent was a typical example on the 6th October:

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Two days later, Opinium, had approval in Scotland for the First Minister at 57% compared to 22% for BJ:

Two weeks before on the 23rd September they had her on……57%!

Again and again, the people show their contempt for media pundits frantic for blood.

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12 thoughts on “First Minister’s Approval ratings still unaffected by Salmondgate

  1. I don’t understand the nature of the “cover up” that our FM is being accused of by HM press.
    Did she try to prevent due process taking place with regard to a fair trial?
    A verdict arrived at after a trial which some of the press in Scotland have refused to accept.
    Their attempts to smear our FM will fail because even the dogs on the street know what they are up to.
    People will not be too amused at the agenda of shifting focus away from the present public health emergency in order to try and score political points on our SG.

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  2. More and more people in Scotland are realizing that the britnat media continues in its determination to do down Scotland. More and more are rightly ignoring and boycotting such britnat propaganda. As they do the britnat media gets more and more desperate, with the result that more and more people despise it.

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  3. Certainly looks like the BritNats are desperate to undermine and demonise the FM. It will be ratcheted up over the coming months. Media, so called, is the enemy of Scotland and they will do anything to attempt to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of the voters in Scotland. It’s having the opposite effect it seems. The people of Scotland will not be fooled by the media lowlifes again.

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  4. All wishful thinking on behalf of the desperados of the MSM
    If you told them to plant a egg it would grow a chicken but only if you coated it chlorine first
    They would headline it

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    1. Indeed rather a shock given his prolific output, and will miss his fair-minded approach while he recuperates, seconded on the rest but spare a thought for Ginger missing his da…

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  5. Although I agree the FM’s trust levels are scaring the bejaysus out of the Britnats and their pet media, they only have themselves to blame.

    Propaganda works much as musak in a supermarket, unaware as it’s tuned out background noise it has subconscious effect as you whistle along to some inane tune your dad would, forgetting you hated it.
    Too loud and discomfort kicks in, you and the rest of the customers exchange discomforted looks as to why you’re being bombarded, then finally it registers it was, is and always will be a shite song.
    There is no going back from that moment of realisation because you can’t unhear it, and this the Britnats achieved through arrogant belief they only need crank up the volume, subtlety bedamned.

    That is where Jenny Hjul steps into what she presumes safe territory, media projection of “Sturgeon’s prevarications over the Salmond probe” (possibly confusing Salmond’s proctologist for an official Inquiry?), “an erosion of faith in her government” (Jenny must drive in reverse to polling), “and her own credibility” (as in 57% and rising?).

    Salmondgate will be dealt with by the Inquiry despite Turdo etc’s best efforts to make it political.
    Sturgeon’s fitness for office will be dealt with by Party members as will any other issues.
    As to the real problems, a media so wrapped up in it’s own propaganda it has disconnected from it’s audience, Tories running out of disposable nappies despite a $1bn order through one of Dom’s mates, and DRoss not getting his dummy with a whistle and yellow/red flags…

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  6. I see DRoss on Politics show spouting off that he voted against his Government trying to make himself look good over food standards come the crunch he will toe the line and sale Scotland down with the rest of them.

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    1. Did he vote against? Whichever way, he is a lying wee tu*d and will of course shaft Scotland for self gain, in fact if he votes ‘against’ his own leaders’ party policy/wrecking of all manner of protections, it will be at the behest of his masters in England to try to portray him as somehow having autonomy and scruples, neither of which of those words could honestly be in the same sentence as the nasty lying little lackey!

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    2. There is a gulf between voting against on conscience versus being seen to do so in certain knowledge there were no repercussions, inc the Chief Clown saying it was a “jolly good idea”.
      If DRoss was spouting off about doing so the second scenario is a racing certainty.


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