Just as Lib Dems cannot rely on being even a wee bit less nasty than the Tories?

Jo Swinson sat at the top table of the coalition government and voted for vicious attacks on the most vulnerable and tax cuts for the super-rich and big businesses. Austerity couldn’t have happened without Liberal Democrats.

Ian Lavery, Labour, July 2019

I know, you don’t know who Christine Jardine is. She’s the MP for Edinburgh West and Lib Dem spokesperson for the treasury, Brexit and International Trade, former BBC reporter and UWS lecturer (never heard of there). They only have a handful of MPs to cover all the bases.

Christine Jardine pulls out of Liberal Democrat leadership race
(c) New Statesman

Her Scotsman piece is on that old Willie Rennie chestnut:

Sturgeon (sic) is good at PR keeps going on about independence.

It’s astonishing. They, the three opposition parties, have little to say other than ‘No to Indyref2‘ and the First Minister has little to say other than to daily brief us on the pandemic, yet still they repeat this.

Readers will know that the First Minister is regularly accused of not getting on with constitutional matters by members of her own party.

They can’t all be right.

Here’s what I think. The FM is good at PR. She hardly ever mentions independence and even then, it’s usually after persistent efforts by journalists quoting massive misrepresentations of what she has said, to provoke her.

As for that daftest of daft headlines, I couldn’t help but then think of how the Lib Dems have, over decades, presented themselves as a moderating influence on the Tories’ nastier policies.

While Jardine tends to vote for equal gay rights and allowing same sex marriage, unlike the Tories she has generally voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance and seems not to have bothered to vote against Tory policies to reduce housing benefit, spending onhigh speed rail and increases in tuition fees


More dramatic and more relevant is the voting record of Jardine’s leader until recently, Jo Swinson, who made little effort to be better in any way than Theresa May.


7 thoughts on “Just as Lib Dems cannot rely on being even a wee bit less nasty than the Tories?

  1. Before she was elected to Westminster, Ms Jardine was a journalist. After the 2010 General Election when the LibDems entered into a coalition with the Conservatives, she was almost a fixture on various BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs programmes. Essentially, she praised the coalition uncritically, describing it as “rather a good Government’. She was essentially a PR officer for the coalition.

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  2. All we need to remember about the Lib-Dems is – Wullie Rennie is supposedly the best they’ve got in Scotland. That says it all about them.

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  3. Jardine hawked herself around Scotland trying to get elected for years before she ( like Col. Davidson ) settled on Edinburgh , where the good Tory folks would see her as one of themselves .
    Libdem/Tory , it is all the same to those Tory voters , Christ , they even supported Ian Murray , the last ‘socialist’ in the Scottish Labour Party .
    Just shows you how left-wing the Edinburgh Tories are , eh ?

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  4. Another ex-BBC employee. Media advisor for the Coalition, apparently without any critical faculty. She always seemed to be fighting (and losing) elections.
    Just a typical Dumb with flexible principles and is the enemy of anyone who fights Scotlands corner. No doubt dreams of the day when she joins all the other Dumb drones slumbering in the Lords, and drooling over her nice new Ermine cloak-of-shame.

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  5. Unfortunately for me, I do know who she is. I live in her constituency. I may be biased, but her responses to messages and emails are pathetic compared to Michelle Thomsons’ . I may never forgive the upper echelons of the SNP for their treatment of Michelle. Obviously I can’t know everyone in the constituency, but I’ve never spoken to anyone who will admit to voting for Christine Jardine. If I hadn’t been observing at the electoral count at Ingliston last year I’d be wondering how she got back in.

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