US unions to tell Greg ‘Unlucky’ Hands and Scottish Whisky producers ‘Tough shit pal!?’

In a masterfully vague headline designed to hide the awful truth, the Herald hides the almost certain truth that the UK will do a trade deal on the USA’s terms and sacrifice the interests of the Scottish whisky producers and workers to get any deal.

Whisky exports have been caught up in a dispute over subsidising the manufacture of aircraft, with the US punishing the UK with a 25% levy on Whisky imports.

The UK minister, Greg Hands, has written to the US trade unions, including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, to ask for their help in resolving the dispute.

Luckily for Hands, Jimmy Hoffa is no longer president of the Teamsters but perhaps worth bearing in mind:

The Teamsters Union also regularly makes an annual contribution to Friends of Sinn Féin—the US fundraising arm of Irish republican party Sinn Féin.:

  1. “Sinn Fein war chest swells as global ties pay big dividends” Irish Independent
  2. ^ “Banker with Lehman links among SF donors” Irish Times

Maybe Hands could speak to Gerry Adams?

5 thoughts on “US unions to tell Greg ‘Unlucky’ Hands and Scottish Whisky producers ‘Tough shit pal!?’”

  1. Hmph. Well it isn’t going to get much better, though Whisky companies have a lot of power and sway in their own right – look to their attempt at suing the Scottish Government over minimum pricing.

    John, I made a reply to your comment on Iain’s blog here:

    I am putting forward an argument to you, and give all my excuses there. I know you find it difficult reading my long posts, please try to stick with it, I just want to know you have considered it, and I don’t want you to be angry about it either – it sounds judgemental, but I can easily separate the person from their political opinion: I am not judgemental, ever, of you personally. Even when I disagree on the nuance, I will always fully support you personally.


    1. I’ve had a look. I appreciate your concerns. I know you mean well but I’m nowhere near as purposeful as you seem to think. Like a tusker, I’m barrelling along batting back perceived outrages in media reporting. I never ever stop to think about anything you could call a tactic far less a strategy.

      As for my supposed Nicola worship, did you ever see this?


  2. Boris claimed a year ago, that the tariffs would be lifted after Brexit was “done”. It has been “done” for months and no deal apparent.
    Where are the questions from the media?


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