50% rise in vaccinations to over two million people but BBC use two-week old story from Fife to undermine it

Six or seven times this morning when the older worried viewers are watching, we hear:

Changes in the flu vaccination system this year have prompted a wave of complaints. The Scottish Government has said the Covid-19 pandemic means it’s ‘more important than ever’ to get the immunisation this autumn and it’s funding a 50% rise in vaccinations to over two million people. But many eligible patients are frustrated they can’t get an appointment.

Then to evidence the above claim, ‘they’ get one to say:

I think they. It is just really bad. I think they have handled it really badly.

The complainant, we can reveal below, was talking only of NHS Fife and the local report in the Courier, on 23rd September, two weeks ago, includes only one other un-named person:


BBC Scotland reporter handles story really badly? No?

Given the weakness of the evidence for bad news here and the objective facts which a public service broadcaster has an obligation to provide, the correct headline and only reliable content ‘they’ seem to have is above.

NHS Fife apologises as ‘unprecedented’ demand for flu jabs swamps dedicated phone line

5 thoughts on “50% rise in vaccinations to over two million people but BBC use two-week old story from Fife to undermine it”

  1. It took a 2 min phone call to book our flu jabs, we went along 5 mins early, met by volunteers at the door of the Health Centre, straight in thru the one way system, jabbed and out again in less than 2 mins, an excellent service.
    Well done Montrose.

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  2. My wife and I had our flu jags yesterday after booking online a week or so ago. Told to wear short sleeved shirts, face masks and not to arrive early. There was a digital clock outside the surgery in the foyer which could be read from outside the building so no queuing. Were met by a nurse just inside the entrance door where we were booked in and had our temps checked. One way system in and out. Very well organised and only took a few minutes. well done East Calder Health Centre.


  3. So one complainant two weeks before it started versus 3 on this site so far this morning who were delighted, essentially Mis-Reporting Scotland with their usual finger on the pulse mid-burial in the wrong graveyard…🙄


  4. What can one say about the BBBC and STV ?

    Other than they undermine , over emphasise and blatantly pretend the ‘more in sorrow than in anger ‘ drivel they pump out.

    To be fair to STV their so called news consists of ‘stories from across Scotland’ – the puerile drivel they pump out can hardly be described as news.


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