95% of businesses ‘relaxed’ about Scottish independence!

That’s the Ipsos MORI headline demolishing the argument that Scottish independence is a threat to jobs and the wider economy. If it was in the slightest, these guys (one or two women?) would be telling us and headlining in the media.

The 95%? Read on.

The Herald, of course manages to produce a different headline:

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It would be funny, if we thought everyone would be laughing at it. BBC Scotland’s business editor has decided it would be better to just pretend it hasn’t happened:

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Douglas Fraser completely ignoring the report should help the Good Morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland editors to do the same or maybe they’ll have a go at chopping it up in ways that suit their agenda?

The Scotsman has adopted the same strategy and is full of Covid-19 -Margaret Ferrier and Donald Trump.

Here’s what Ipsos MORI reported:

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7 thoughts on “95% of businesses ‘relaxed’ about Scottish independence!”

  1. I suspect that the considered risk to business is mainly based on whatever tax policy is adopted by the Scottish Gov. Oil, gas and other utility companies which may be considered strategic assets such as electricity, pipelines postal services, etc currently owned by the private sector, most of which would be considered to be foreign owned, may well be brought back into state ownership.

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  2. Sir Iain McMillan tried to register the CBI in Scotland as a NO campaigner. It led to many resignations from the body.
    He get his reward as a knighthood in 2015.

    There is nothing to stop these Ultras from misusing their power against democracy.
    5% gives them leverage to claim to “represent” all business.
    The BBC in Scotland allowed people like McMillan lots of airtime and elbow room previous to, and during, the referendum.

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    1. I did not know Iain MacMillan personally, but was at events at which he spoke. He said exactly the same thing – verbatim – every time! He was clearly a Tory and a British Nationalist – even back in the early 2000s – and even though the events were not political events, his message was uninhibitedly Tory. neoliberal and ‘light touch regulation’. Any speakers from the floor were usually rebuked by whomever was chairing, ‘not to be political’ or ‘stick to the theme of this conference/meeting’.

      He was insufferably arrogant and closed minded – which probably explains why he said the same thing every time. His opinion, in his opinion, wasn’t opinion, but FACT!!!

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  3. My abiding memory of the CBI Scotland’s Iain McMillan was watching him on TV chairing a press conference that then Secretary of State for Scotland Sir Ian Lang was to speak at.
    IMcM seemed overwhelmed by being so close to such an august presence and rather excitedly started telling the assembled journos what IL was going to say. IL, pulled him aside and the mics picked up him telling him to stop it. IMcM kept saying, “Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir,” bowing his head in shame. It was extraordinary to watch. IL had to tell him to stop it again!
    Ah, such fun, what innocent times.

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  4. Many apologies.
    Re my comment, I might be wrong about it being Iain McMillan who was involved in that incident with Ian Lang. Thinking about it, Bill Jamieson’s name popped into my head so maybe it was him. I’d delete the post if I knew how.


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