Another so-called Labour politician sides with the rich

I’m repeating myself but what else can I do when, one after another, politicians from a party that pretends to be of the left, progressive, egalitarian, line up with their former enemies, in a foul-smelling alliance, to attack a party that shares and has enacted many of their policy preferences, because it has stolen their place.

Too late. Give up. Go home. You’re embarrassing us and yourself.

In some ways the worst of them, Ian Murray, above, joins the campaign to somehow blame the SNP for the student campus outbreaks.

Of course, he’s wrong, so wrong.

Like his associates he senses the opportunity to try to blame the SNP for the maltreatment of students. To do so, he must protect some very affluent institutions like the universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow and the academic elites of Universities Scotland, predominantly Unionist and disproportionately non-Scots.

Scotland’s universities are autonomous institutions. There is little any Scottish government can do to force them to follow a path they do not like.

The Scottish Government could not have shut them down and would have been condemned by Scottish Labour had they tried.

As the First Minister made clear yesterday, the Universities are responsible for their customers’ well-being. They wanted the huge income they get from 1st Year rents in the halls they own. They wanted the huge fees they charge non-Scots to study here.

They could have cancelled ‘freshers’ events had they cared a jot for them. We’re in a pandemic. Why not?

I try to stay calm but these people disgust me.

6 thoughts on “Another so-called Labour politician sides with the rich”

  1. “They could have cancelled ‘freshers’ events had they cared a jot for them. We’re in a pandemic. Why not?

    I try to stay calm but these people disgust me.

    Well said John!

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  2. Labour is basically just a reactionary tory lite tribute act in Scotland and looking like it in England too under Starmer.

    They’re literally morally and ethically bankrupt. Hard to even say which of them is worst now.


  3. Students are not children
    They are adults
    They make choices not always the correct choices as has been shown very clearly
    Did they behave so irresponsibly at home ? before arriving at university .

    Maybe they did
    Look around you
    Look at the Prime minister , his dad his advisors etc etc there are so many people across the world ignoring advice ignoring recommendations and ignoring the law, they’re not all stupid people there are doctors lawyers politicians university lectures etc etc all ignoring the rules for covid19 we have seen it very clearly over the last six months

    There’s no telling some people
    Some people will do what they’re not meant to do
    For all sorts of reasons

    Don’t blame those who don’t ignore the rules who don’t ignore the recommendations who don’t ignore the law

    Students themselves are to blame for the high number of them that have been infected by covid19 because they have ignored the rules ignored the recommendations and ignored the law


  4. Some of the best universities in the world still have a lot to learn. Be smart. Follow the guideline. Not like misinformed Ian Murray’s attempt to grab some ill gotten headlines. So obvious, Hypocrite. Follow the rules. Like the electorate it will be appreciated.


  5. Enjoy university. Best years of their lives? Despite the trouble and strife. Hardworked for it. Follow the guidelines. Many do have the sense to do it, Good luck. Unprecedented times but still succeeding. Well done everyone, including the staff involved opening new horizons. A vaccine will be found. Medical science succeeding again. To fight the pandemic.

    Scotland the land of discovery and invention has changed the world for the better. Through education. The best in the world. The internet being used to educate and inform.


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