As with the care homes Scottish Labour sides with rich elites

We know definitively that care home deaths were mostly due to the over-use of agency staff working across several homes to deal with the habitual under-staffing and insecure contracts employed by corporate owners.

Despite that, betraying all their supposed socialist history, Scottish Labour and the GMB, tried their hardest to pin the blame on the Scottish Government.

I won’t repeat the evidence again.

Now, they sense the opportunity to try again over the maltreatment of students. Once more they will work to protect some very affluent institutions like the universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow and the academic elites of Universities Scotland, predominantly Unionist and disproportionately non-Scots.

Scotland’s universities are autonomous institutions. There is little any Scottish government can do to force them to follow a path they do not like.

The Scottish Government could not have shut them down and would have been condemned by Scottish Labour had they tried.

As the First Minister made clear yesterday, the Universities are responsible for their customers’ well-being. They wanted the huge income they get from 1st Year rents in the halls they own. They wanted the huge fees they charge non-Scots to study here.

They could have cancelled ‘freshers’ events had they cared a jot for them. We’re in a pandemic. Why not?

I try to stay calm but these people disgust me.

3 thoughts on “As with the care homes Scottish Labour sides with rich elites”

  1. The crooks, dupes and hucksters all hang together, or as Benjamin Franklin said, they will assuredly all hang separately.
    Labour, Toadies, Dumbs sidling up to the rich, the indolent, absentee landlords, off-shore bankers, oligarchs, fund managers and other assorted low-life gutter snipes.
    A Brit Nat rat pack scrambling up the greasy pole, looking for their ermine cloak (of darkness).

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  2. Dear Scottish students, how would you like a niccce big debt when you finish your studies? Labour branch in Scotland; ‘Excellent, that’ll be £30-50k+ ta very muchly, ha ha ha hand it over’! ‘A debt is debt is a debt and our pals the Tories will sell YOUR huge debt to a debt company eventually unless you pay up kids, and they show no mercy, and ha ha some debt companies are owned by us lolz!’ Buy a house? Don’t be silly, you have a huge ‘debt’.


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