Scotland at risk from border crossing of measles epidemic

Chart showing uptake of the routine vaccines given at 12 months  old, by quarter, from quarter ending September 2016 to quarter ending June 2020. Uptake of all routine immunisations has remained high over time (above 95%), with the exception of rotavirus, which must be given within a very short time window and has slightly lower uptake compared with the other routine vaccines.

From NHS Scotland today:

Uptake rates remained high in Scotland; over 96% of children had received each routine [MMR] immunisation by the time they were 12 months old, apart from the rotavirus vaccine, which had 94.1% uptake.

No part of Scotland had less than 95% uptake of MMR:

Map of Scotland showing MMR uptake rate (%) by 24 months of age in each NHS Board in 2019.  Each NHS Board is shaded to indicate the  uptake rate. Further details are found in the accompanying text.

In England MMR immunisation has been below the 90% target for the last two years with London and several other areas at a dangerously low 83%.

This level risks a measles epidemic.

7 thoughts on “Scotland at risk from border crossing of measles epidemic”

  1. As we have (nearly) all been vaccinated against measles, can our larger neighbour infect us?

    We need to up our vaccination level against the BBC ‘s Westminster propaganda!

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    1. Measles is a highly contagious pathogen
      More so than covid
      So we in Scotland most fortunate that it will not gain a foothold here
      Whereas in England
      Cross you fingers


      1. Good point, that would be 22,000 cases.

        Reckon that it would be hard for measles to spread amongst the 4% because infected people would be few and far between .

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      2. Also people like my daughter who were vaccinated and still got it! (We all seem to have peculiar immune systems…)


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