Scotland’s effective contact tracing will close this spike down

Bolton’s spike with 168 cases per 100 000 is being linked to one holidaymaker who did not isolate and who then went on a pub crawl with mates. Though anecdotal this is not implausible given the known highly contagious nature of Covid-19.

A similar incident was reported in Ayrshire in late August where one woman did not self-isolate and then attended several house parties in more than one town:

The difference between the two incidents seems likely to be the ability of local contact tracing teams to shut down the infection.

Again at the end of August, the Scottish First Minister reported that teams had traced 99.7% of positive cases.

Ayrshire had 20 cases per 100 000 in the last week down from around 40 in early September.

For comparison, between 30 July and 5 August, in England, only 79.7% were reached:

But only 53% were being contacted in heavily-infected North-West England where Bolton is located:

The spike around Glasgow is less than one-third of the size of the Bolton case per 100 000.

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s effective contact tracing will close this spike down”

  1. I assure you that Boris badly needs to be given emergency re education and in the field of Simple Basic Arithmetic
    Use full if deploying the analogy of infection rates to making or losing big money fast and terminally so
    Because they all totally driven by greed and understand nothing else
    In the wisdom dept.they score ZERO

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    1. Good question, but this is a point I’m not clear on. Isn’t border control reserved to WM?

      I’m not trying to pass the buck, I’m just fairly new to the whole devolved/reserved thing. So I’m not clear. How much authority does Holyrood have in situations like this?

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  2. I see that the Sunday Herald today is having a go at the NHS Protect Scotland app.
    It has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 a-plus times but maybe/possibly/perhaps Amazon might/perhaps have some access to the data.

    I wonder how many of the million-plus people who have downloaded the app already have Amazon accounts? Around 1,000,000? Therefore Amazon already has copious data/information on each of us. Information that is useful to Amazon such as what we buy, what books we like etc.


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