Scotland already has far more teachers per pupil than England

BBC Scotland TV inserts in Breakfast, first thing today, six times before 9am, and, I confidently predict, repeated all morning on Good Morning Scotland, then with chummy interviews for Dross, three times on Reporting Scotland later today, providing free advertising for the Scottish Conservatives but, of course, minus these key facts:

Despite rising pupil numbers in Scotland, there is, after more than a decade of SNP-rule, one teacher for every 12.4 secondary pupils or 15.9 primary pupils:,ratio%20has%20remained%20at%2013.6.

In England after more than a decade of Conservative rule there is only one teacher for every 16.1 secondary pupils or 21.1 primary pupils. England has the highest (worst) ratio of pupils to teachers in the EU:,primary%20and%207.9%20in%20secondary.

It took me minutes to find and present these data. Good morning Scotland.

10 thoughts on “Scotland already has far more teachers per pupil than England”

  1. Clearly the Baronless is promoting Forres Gimp through her buddies in PQ to stem the decline in polling…
    They will ensure inconvenient aspects such as facts don’t intrude, no awkward questions put, a slick charm offensive instead for an offensive charm…..


  2. Can we make a direct comparison though? I think that Scotland is likely to have, because of its geography, more one and two teacher schools. Won’t this skew the pupil/teacher ratio?


  3. slight O/T
    ABC Scotland text : Donalda MacKinnon says FM briefing broadcast to continue with “other voices and perspectives alongside”?
    Presumably that means covid deniers,opposition politicians etc.

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  4. Given BBC Scotland’s plans to stop broadcasting the daily Covid debriefs because they’re party political, shouldn’t GMS recuse itself for the same reason?

    Oh. Sorry. It’s not a party political broadcast on behalf of the SNP…

    By that measure, I expect any day an announcement that FMQs will cease to be broadcast for the same reason. Really, Ms S, digs at the tories (I refuse to grace them with a capital T) and claims that Scotland needs to be independent to flourish? What are you like? You know it isn’t allowed!


  5. Drossy has no money he can identity to pay for this.
    The Withdrawal Bill would allow the English Education Minister to veto any EXTRA spending in Scotland. Give them a few years and our children will be learning Morris dancing instead of Highland dancing.
    Of course we always had English history to learn, so no change needed there.

    What we will can read is the tiny footnote in the history books, that show Dross’s part in Scotland’s independence–2024. (Trail of Tears as Scottish Lords, Barons, Dames and Dutchess’s forced out of the Lords).

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  6. State Propaganda Unity aggressively pushing the English government’s line. Completely dishonest and misleading behaviour is what they do every single day. Only the headline topics change and occasionally the names of those linked to the headline topic, but the underlying reality is that the State Propaganda Unit is actively and aggressively lying to the people of Scotland all the time in an attempt to prevent more of us from realising the true, abusive, nature of the relationship between England and Scotland.

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