Again, in today’s briefing a ‘Scottish’ reporter is clearly more aware of the UK minister’s statements about England than he is about what is happening where he is based. Tim Backshall asks:

ITV News reported concerns within the UK Government that if the 6 person rule doesn’t start to make a difference in the next two weeks then tougher restrictions may be needed. Is that your assessment here in Scotland?

So, is Tim following the Scottish media, the Scottish Government’s announcements? Like so many, he seems to think like a foreign correspondent who can only see Scotland in the mirror of England.

Then there’s that question. The First Minister is less polite with this more experienced male reporter. Pulling a face and making an exasperated noise, before saying:

It’s kind of a statement of the obvious that if what we are doing now doesn’t work to stem the increase in the virus, we’ll have to think about doing other things.