Headlining six times between 6am and 9am, on BBC Scotland inserts in ‘Breakfast‘, no doubt on Good Morning Scotland (can’t bear to listen – Clydebuilt?) and, to come, three times on Reporting Scotland:

Families are to lobby MSPs about improving “cruel” care home visiting arrangements. The Care Home Relatives Scotland group wants more access for relatives in care homes to improve the quality of life for residents. They say restrictions introduced in the wake of the pandemic are damaging.

Care Home Relatives Scotland does not really exist in any formal sense. It has no website. It has a Facebook presence with only 360 members. Let’s see how many there are at Holyrood today.

How has the BBC Scotland news editor been able to satisfy the guidelines on the use of sources, to justify reporting at all, headlining the story or using scare story language – ‘cruel‘ – in a headline?

Where is the balance in the above reporting? Might the Scottish Government guidance be based on evidence given by independent academic researchers? Has the public the right to hear that?

Needless to say, Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon is working in support of this pressure on the Health Secretary while her equivalent in England, Liz Kendall, is demanding ‘a clear winter plan‘ to protect the care homes there.