At the briefing today, only minutes after the FM had reminded us that we are currently in a far stronger position now than we were in March, even as cases increase, BBC Scotland’s David Lockhart Wallace asked:

Is it hard to sell these new restrictions to the public when it feels a bit like there’s been six months of effort with little or no reward?

The FM responded

I would challenge very strongly this idea that it’s been six months of pain for no reward and I’ll go back to what I said earlier on.

Had he been asleep earlier? Had he thought up his question last night and now has not the wit to change it in the light of what he’s just been told?

No reward? Almost no deaths for months. Infection levels well below those in England and mainland Europe. Test and Protect tracing 99% of contacts. The new app launched. Schools and hospitality opened. Gyms opened. Visits to care homes allowed. Rail and ferry travel opened.

There’s more but surely that’s some reward?

No doubt they’ll claim he was being a devil’s advocate and holding government to account but was he not also in danger of encouraging the kind of defeatism that will then allow the virus to spread out of control.

Ach why bother, David?