BBC Scotland encourages defeatism

At the briefing today, only minutes after the FM had reminded us that we are currently in a far stronger position now than we were in March, even as cases increase, BBC Scotland’s David Lockhart Wallace asked:

Is it hard to sell these new restrictions to the public when it feels a bit like there’s been six months of effort with little or no reward?

The FM responded

I would challenge very strongly this idea that it’s been six months of pain for no reward and I’ll go back to what I said earlier on.

Had he been asleep earlier? Had he thought up his question last night and now has not the wit to change it in the light of what he’s just been told?

No reward? Almost no deaths for months. Infection levels well below those in England and mainland Europe. Test and Protect tracing 99% of contacts. The new app launched. Schools and hospitality opened. Gyms opened. Visits to care homes allowed. Rail and ferry travel opened.

There’s more but surely that’s some reward?

No doubt they’ll claim he was being a devil’s advocate and holding government to account but was he not also in danger of encouraging the kind of defeatism that will then allow the virus to spread out of control.

Ach why bother, David?

15 thoughts on “BBC Scotland encourages defeatism”

  1. The BBC’s latest obedient reporter Lockhart is typically of the BBC branch office in Scotland parroting any negative aspect of the virus that they think will get a reaction from the FM and hopefully the public.

    The negativity of the Scottish BBC branch office is legendary.

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  2. In answer to your last question, surely the answer is of course he is. The BBC’s intention, along with virtually the entire Scottish media and the English political parties, is to encourage the spread of the virus for political advantage, to try to prove that the Scottish Government is just as crap as the UK. If a few people have to die to make the point, won’t he think that’s a price worth paying?

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  3. BBC questions you would NOT ask Boris.
    Cynical? You bet.
    This is putrid Brit Nat “journalism” at its most unworthy.

    Just dont call him Baroness—like Ruthie, he is a real Princess.

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  4. I witnessed Lockhart Wallace’s truly cretinous question. I sometimes wonder how Sturgeon maintains even the semblance of politeness when faced by such idiocy.

    We could have simply taken no counter measures, allowed the virus to run through the population and witnessed Lord knows how many more deaths.

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    1. Cretinous question? Yes, under any reasonable assessment.

      There can be few more certain examples of the ‘counterfactual’ – of being able to express what has NOT happened but would have happened under differing circumstances.

      The benefits achieved – the harm avoided – by the actions taken for public health reasons are so obvious that framing a question in this way by any journalist but especially one trained, employed and managed by the public service broadcaster is damning for BBC Scotland.

      But then it’s not so ‘cretinous’ a question if the whole point was to frame the discourse in a particular, negative way. If done by a pro-Union corporate media journalist at least listeners/viewers can discount as they wish based on their knowledge of the partisan position of the questioner’s employer. With the BBC it’s a different matter: too many, I suspect, may still regard BBC journalism as authoritative and untainted by agenda-inspired ‘framing’.

      The reality of BBC’s practices as regards Scotland needs repeated exposure to the light: it needs the constant attention of Tusker and others. And it needs the opportunity for the FM to call BBC journalists out directly in front of a public audience on their negativity as she did, albeit (and typically) so very politely and gently at the briefing today.

      I marvel at her ability to stay polite and respectful in the face of the daily diet of journalist questions – although I thought I detected a ‘wider range’ of facial expressions today!

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  5. In order to cast doubt on Scottish Government or SNP initiatives or policies, BBC interviewers and presenters habitually use a tone of querulous bewilderment when introducing a topic. A classic was on today’s lunchtime discussion immediately following the FM’s (truncated) presentation. In effect – “Eh … eh. . . What is this app supposed to do? Will it work? Will it be of any use?” This tactic is Gordon Brewer’s go-to modus operandi to set the tone for each dismissive ‘analysis’.

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    1. “.. to set the tone for each dismissive ‘analysis’.”

      That is such a good, accurate characterisation of the chosen role of the public service broadcaster we experience in Scotland.

      It must be considered as a deliberate, considered agenda-driven editorial policy to frame news and current affairs output with the objective, on behalf of the UK state, to undermine – through negativity coupled with bias by omission – the present Scottish Government, our Parliament and more broadly, the confidence of the Scottish electorate in our capacity and capability to be a normal independent nation-state.

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  6. David ‘bothers’ to get some cash into his bank account, the BBC bothers so they can completely undermine the Scottish government.

    In the heads of these troughing BritNats, they are really shouting at the FM, ‘how do you explain soooo many deaths in Scotland every day after all this time and it’s still going on, have you not completely failed in your job FM and should you not now seriously consider resigning, after all there is an immiment vote of no confidence against you at the little pathetic community council Scottish parliament, what do you have to say?!!!!!!!’
    That’s what they WANT to be able to shout.

    Instead, they have no grounds for grievance, so make it all up…these journos and their masters are, and I hate using the term unless absolutely appropriate, scum.

    Journalists are being murdered in Latin America (usually by the US) for trying to get the truth out, shame on any journalist for lying and dancing to the tune of their right wing masters here and elsewhere. Despicable.

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  7. David is bothered because, the BBC mindset is, if they can cause the SNP government enough bother up here, then they are identified as, good, solid BBC types, who may be worthy of a shot at the big time, in London, the centre of the BBC Universe.

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  8. John,I see that Hancock is going to have a new tracing app on the 24 Sept,I just wonder what was all this money spent for maybe to his cronies.

    After over a month on trial and $13.5m in costs, the UK government decided to withdraw the app. One of the reasons cited was the app’s poor performance with iPhones, owing to incompatibility with Apple’s iOS operating system.


    1. More accurately the incompatibility lay with standards of public anonymity as standard, they hit the same brick wall with Android, Google, etc if memory serves. Dom’s mates tried to root round the problem and got outflanked, finally they took the money and ran with a thank you note left behind for Boris.

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  9. The perfectly mown air, beard, teeth, the precise and toothy enunciation, David Lockhart Wallace is not a journalist but a theatrical construct.

    His point “Is it hard to sell” implying intended skullduggery against public wishes, continuing with the “these new restrictions to the public when it feels a bit like there’s been six months of effort with little or no reward?” pivoting the concept of SG punishing society despite lockdown succeeding. Seriously, WTF?
    To Johnson or Handncock it might be more fitting, but that’s not the remit is it for PQ, or Mr Teeth Wallace, 77 or GCHQ?


  10. I seriously expected the FM to say WTF but of course she is too well controlled for that. I seem to remember prof. you asked the question ages ago “whose app will be up and running first?” Or is that my admiration of your perspicacity running wild.

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  11. Came across this whilst trying to find out when Kevin McKidd spoke in support for Yes as shown on Phantom Power. It was in 2013 but look at the way the BBC reported then. Only one pathetic line for No at the bottom. Is this typical of that time? Curious.


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