Courage of Welsh Tory inspires Scottish Tories to run off and hide

Only three years ago, we could read:

Scottish Tory sources say Davidson will use her authority by asking all 13 MPs, including the Scottish secretary, David Mundell, to “champion the Scottish national interest” both at Westminster and inside the government. That includes fighting for greater Scottish powers and spending on fisheries and agriculture during and after the Brexit negotiations, to reinforce Holyrood’s existing powers in both areas under devolution.

Now as the Johnson regime’s Internal Market Bill attempts to undermine the very foundations of devolution, a Welsh MS has resigned from his party’s front bench.

Meanwhile, in Scotland’s Tory shires, all is quiet. The current leader who talked so tough in 2017, is off to present a radio show in London with Tony Blair as her guest, before running round to her ermine gown fitter. The soon-to-be leader is…where is he? Is he running the line at a Highland League football match?

Mundell! He knows how to resign.

Wait, isn’t one of the Scottish Tory MSPs a federalist? Federalism means full control of the economy. He must be against this bill. He’ll resign.

It was, oh yes:

2 thoughts on “Courage of Welsh Tory inspires Scottish Tories to run off and hide”

  1. The bakers dozen, gone. Left a bad taste in Scotland’s mouth, there are half a dozen now is that right? Standing up for, themselves. DRoss must be intensively being schooled in how to answer questions on TV etc without seeming like a complete incompetent, imagine if they had to change ‘leader’ of the branch of Tory party in Scotland again, they’d be the laughing stock!!!! Ha ha!


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