Mumps: Another reason for border controls?

In the Herald today, we read news of a surge in mumps cases:

Figures published today reveal that 853 cases of the contagious viral infection were detected between January and the end of March this year – more than the 784 recorded in the whole of 2019.

The writer, typically, accepts the idea that the lower uptake of the MMR vaccine is UK-wide and will explain this surge in Scottish cases. There’s a problem with this.

The MMR immunisation rate in England has fallen for the fourth year in a row to only 87% with in some areas only 67% vaccinated. There have been 230 cases of measles in just the first three months of 2019.

In Scotland the rate is 97% and has been so for 10 years. There have been 10 cases of measles in Scotland, reported so far in 2019. All have been ‘imported’ from England or beyond.

So, if all the measles cases were imported, might the same be true of mumps?


4 thoughts on “Mumps: Another reason for border controls?”

  1. The media give undue prominence to the witterings of the anti-vaxxers. The BBC Scotland extended interviews with one of the protesters at the so-called anti-lockdown demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh attended by ‘hundreds’ (we were told) had a portmanteau of weird complaints – about care homes, about 5G masts, about anti-vaccination as well as face coverings in shops and on public transport. It is frankly irresponsible and reminds me of the character in the Channel 4 comedy ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ played by Stephen Tompkinson who induced people to do ludicrous things so that he could have ‘shock-horror’ stories.

    And the media are still telling us that the public needs to support ‘quality journalism’. We need honest journalists to produce that. How many do we have in our press and broadcasters?


  2. Yes, unless some parents are opting for measles only instead of MMR (and let me guess which type of parents these will be from my experience in one particular enclave of privilege…….) Time to stop automatically equating child abuse with “under privilege”…..


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