England is dreaming while only Scotland must worry now

As the PM urges folk back to work and Nick Eardley tweets about Scotland having the most new cases of coronavirus since May, England’s dreaming goes on unaffected, by it too having the most new cases since May. Tell them Nick!

BBC Scotland has 4 stories to keep us one edge while BBC England only has 1, about Scotland!

Keep em scrared, keep em biddable.

18 thoughts on “England is dreaming while only Scotland must worry now”

    1. Many have not though. I can hear my elderly neighbours’ TV on most of the day and evening, if it’s not football, it’s the BBC. Luckily it’s only in one tiny room we store stuff in now for quarantine, (used to be for making art and letterpress printing :-/ ) otherwise I would go stark raving mad. The lies ooze from the guys TV set…but he keeps it on anyway, no doubt being brainwashed. The BBC etc would not exist if they thought it would not have an effect on people, their level of propaganda is extremely dangerous.

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  1. I guess it could be the BBC implementing its “balanced” reporting. BBC Scotland has wall-to-wall Covid-19 stories, all extremely negative while BBC England has nothing about Covid. There, thats balanced reporting across the UK…

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    1. It’s quite scary really that they are ignoring the pandemic in England…all hell will break loose if they have to have a winter lockdown, and who will the dispossesed blame? Anyone but their choice of Tory government.

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  2. I look forward to the day when we no longer have to read or listen to the news from England,whether it is about Scotland or anywhere else.
    I will probably read and listen to news in Scotland whether it is about England or any other foreign country.

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  3. The ‘anti lockdown’ protest in Edinburgh, (do they not know there is no lockdown as such the now?) was photographed by some folk and posted to facebook. The T-shirts and banners were quite clearly anti SNP, they were all unionist BritNats. Hope they don’t need to SNHS should they contract CV19, because they damn well don’t want to take any responsibility, so why should SNHS staff put themselves at risk for these idiotic BritNats…

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    1. To provide a more positive story from Edinburgh this weekend!

      Happened to walk past the Waitrose store on Morningside Road on Saturday, in the heart of Ian Murray’s constituency and right at the spot where Murray and his acolytes used to locate their street stall.

      Not last Saturday tho’: instead there was a group of ‘Yes’ and pro- EU supporters (socially distanced of course) with a big banner making their presence felt. Also, c. 7-8 others from the same group were cycling up and down the busy local streets, their bells ringing and wearing their ‘colours’ prominently.

      Gladdened the heart!

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      1. Hi, i am surprised that you have not commented on Murray breaking the Labour party rules re campaigning for other parties, he was involved in the initial set up of change uk, the tinge party, but pulled out at the last minute, something his new boss BJ, was obviously incapable of, think Swawkbox had a wee bit on it.
        The double standards and self importance are there for all, but never see the light of day in the Scottish so called media, only attached this to you as you have local interest, Thanks for highlighting the change,

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      2. Further to Robert Ross’ comments here about Ian Murray MP and his alleged breaking of his party’s rules, perhaps this should come as no surprise given the following.

        I’m obliged to Common Weal’s Source newsletter last week for highlighting something from Kieren Andrews writing in The Times on 18 December, 2018.

        See: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/murray-its-right-to-fight-for-union-6tzh2r9v8?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1576649621

        This gives an insight into Mr Murray’s view of the Labour Party and its importance to him … or lack of it! Andrews writes:

        ‘Ian Murray said he expected Scottish Labour to put the Union ahead of party survival.’ And went on to explain that::

        ‘Scottish Labour was right to “destroy itself” to help save the Union in 2014 and should be prepared to do so again, according to the party’s remaining MP.’

        Are such views on sacrificing the Labour Party in Scotland for the cause of British nationalism a pre-condition of Murray’s support for a new leader of SLAB I wonder? Perhaps a journalist will ask. Surely the Party’s members should be told.

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    1. There is also the flipside of it that tourism will struggle, but fewer flareups are not to be sniffed at.
      It does highlight the point though that we are two different nations via the media and mentality..

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    1. Ah yes, indeed, it does seem to have disappeared. It does happen on occasion – a bit irritating if you’ve invested time and energy on comments, but you get used to it. It’s worse when John just suddenly disappears off on holiday without warning, but he hasn’t done that this year, yet.


  4. Some of England’s schools are going back this week, that’ll help the virus to spread, their track and trace system is not up to scratch. Things could be about to get out of control down there. Will the stats be reported?
    Just as well the Holiday season is over.

    Itv tonight reporting on new UK Covid cases, for England, Wales and NI. We were told the orevious date when the current case numbers were equaled, but in Scotland’s case instead of a date the number of weeks since cases were this high was quoted. Making any comparison between Scotland and rest of UK very difficult to impossible for most viewers.

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  5. The difference in how Covid is been reported in England and Scotland has been stark from the outset with England very clearly kept in the dark on political instruction, while SG were under propaganda barrage.
    The only appearance on BBC pages this morning aside Scotland’s shlock story is in UK Politics relating to testing MPs. It’s clear that they can’t stop the Speaker doing his job, and there lies the clue, it’s in the public domain.
    Cummings & Co can direct public opinion via MSM and announcements from #10 in England, but struggle in Scotland.
    Aside rampant skepticism over SMSM output after years of propaganda, the FM Updates and FMQ regularly debunk the hype and publish data, hence #10 are desperate to shut down both and control public opinion.
    The Baroness and Linesman are a laughing stock no matter what SMSM attempt, and with a looming Holyrood election and Independence support in the ascendant, their desperation grows.
    Dangerous times ahead, Covid aside…


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