Why do the Douglas Ross ‘power-up’ proposals neglect the Tory’s Southern Redoubt?


From a Tusker reader Anon:

Mind just a few weeks ago when Douglas Ross MP made overtures about there being a Scotland beyond the Central Belt/Glasgow and Edinburgh?

Well, based on his ‘power up’ proposals there isn’t a Scotland south of there. 

On transport infrastructure, we reach three key conclusions:

Firstly, it should be a long-term objective of the Scottish Government to build on the existing Edinburgh/Glasgow axis, with significantly improved connectivity between the two and several new population centres in between. With the right incentives in place, this will serve as a magnet for international investment, with knock on benefits for surrounding areas.

Secondly, an additional transport axis should be created between Aberdeen and Edinburgh and Inverness and Edinburgh that enables higher line speeds to reduce journey times, with additional benefits unlocked for Perth and Dundee.

Thirdly, a dedicated tourism infrastructure fund should be set up, with further work done to explore the reintroduction of local rail lines, in addition to improved connectivity to the North of Scotland.

Source: http://www.scottishconservatives.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Power-up-Scotland-Aug-2020-1.pdf

Ross is based in the North-east but surely knows about his party’s strength, for now, in the South?

8 thoughts on “Why do the Douglas Ross ‘power-up’ proposals neglect the Tory’s Southern Redoubt?

  1. I cordially request that whenever this persons name crops up that all refer
    To him for what he actually is
    A Weasel
    Give the name deserved every time and it shall surely stick

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Too many fermers south of the central belt.

    The Dug is feart to go anywhere near fermers.

    They would stick his whistle where it could only go TOOT!


    1. He the Weasel
      Is most definitely so as far as the farmers are concerned
      And all due effort must be made to keep
      The Weasel from gaining entry to the
      The Henhouse
      If spotted have your loaded shotgun at the ready loaded with your votes at Holyrood 2021 ballot


    2. DR. Was a dairyman, he’s shat on his own nest with the Fermers. Has power gone to his brain cell (note the singularity) ?


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