Remind me, do general practitioners tend to be world experts or rather do they have broad knowledge across a wide range of conditions and, crucially, know when to pass you on to a specialist? Yes?

Not Dr Michael J Laggan.

Professors Sridhar and Bauld have no right advising the Scottish Government when they haven’t so much as taken a blood sample or given a flu jab. Who do they think they are encouraging the FM to lock him down and deny him his bools and gowf? Sridhar was an adviser on controlling Ebola but has she had to look up someone’s rectum?

Laggan is incensed that hospitals will be functioning at reduced capacity because of Covid-19 when it only produces symptoms in 90% of those infected.

What should the other 10%, 540 000 do doc? Just take it on the chin?

The Herald’s letter page is become Bedlam, a place of irrational rants edited for maximum clickbait revenue.