Scottish Conservatives to accuse Sturgeon of keeping schools open full-time and cynically politicising a national public health crisis

Nicola Sturgeon

As the UK Government warns of possible moves to rota-based and remote learning in the event of outbreaks, the Scottish Tories accuse the SNP of politicising a health crisis to ‘promote separatism.’

Here are the stages of response planned for England’s schools:

The Scottish Tories are now struggling to regroup and to find some form of words to explain why these earlier statements do not now make them hypocrites unless they attack the Johnson Plan, above.

BBC Scotland’s, Gordon Brewer is not expected to grill Jamie Greene, above, on this, but to ask him what tartan his tie is and does he consider himself to be a proud Scot?

Baron Foulkes (Labour Con) has accused the SNP of keeping schools open deliberately.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives to accuse Sturgeon of keeping schools open full-time and cynically politicising a national public health crisis”

  1. The Tory branch in Scotland seem to be all over the place, they don’t know which hand is doing what, don’t know their right from their right! It’s a topsy turvy world in BritNat Tory land and their branch office in Scotland.
    Maybe they need therapy or just maybe go back to school and actually learn how to tell the truth and not lie for your own self gain, yeah that seems the best option.
    See in their world, in Scotland, left is right, innocent are guilty, guilty are innocent, up is down and outside is in, sanctions on the poor are helpful, it’s very confusing for them, they even believe that they care about the children of Scotland, and teachers and everyone, their level of delusion is quite concerning.

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  2. I see the NASUWT, or whatever their acronym is, have been given generous amounts of space in the Sunday Herald again. They were on about exclusions from schools for pupils who do not follow Covid-19 guidance. A serious issue but not the way to handle it.


    1. The NASUWT has a very small membership in Scotland and has always been the most reactionary union in Scotland. (They had their genesis in Scotland in the former Scottish SchoolMASTERS’ Association which was formed as a reaction to the EIS agreeing that women teachers – who comprised more than 70% of the profession – being given EQUAL pay to men!) Many schools have no NASUWT members. Their default stance is always ‘discipline is bad and getting worse.’ This always finds an eager Scottish media whose high heid yins are usually privately educated and send their children to private schools.


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