With no grateful comment on the efforts of the local contact tracing teams to shut down this large-scale outbreak and reminding us of the attempts by private care home owners to deflect blame away from their heavy reliance on agency staff and onto the Scottish Government, the 2 Sisters company is allowed, with no critical assessment from the BBC, to suggest the virus came into the plant from the local community:

Whilst it is important to ensure our measures on site are robust and working, we believe it is also critically important for our people to understand their obligations away from the factory in the local community, which our initial analysis suggests has played a significant role in the transmission of the virus

Our initial analysis?’ Well, let’s see that. Can we expect it to be worthy of the word ‘analysis’ or will it be based on rumour? Might we find later, that movement of staff and product between the company’s 9 UK plants, including one in the West Midlands and the recently heavily infected one in Anglesey, has played a part?