Waark! ‘Oer his white banes, when they we bare, The wind sall blaw for evermair.’

Listening to Kirsty Wark’s cawing voice last night, watching her, raven-black dress, stalk the city under its high corby-staned gables and then reflecting on this attempt to peck at the reputation of an elder statesman she and the BBC despise, who, of my generation, was not reminded of that ancient Scottish ballad, The Twa Corbies?

The casting of Alex Salmond as the ‘new slain knight‘ about to have his eyes pecked out by a crow may not be perfect but everything else about the broadcast was so evocative of that scene.

Leading corvid in this time of covid, Kirsty Wark does have the look and not just in her clothes. Her voice does caw and even her surname suggests the sound one might make – WAARK!

When she gathered her own wee murder (the correct collective term) of crows, Smith, Smith and Garavelli, to feast on the fleshy tales from Bute House, they too fit the bill, though I guess we licence-payers footed it. Bill, get it?

The location was perfect. A city full of actual crows and jackdaws stalking corby-staned gables under dark skies and the legal profession ravenous in their robes and bills. Bills, get it?


11 thoughts on “Waark! ‘Oer his white banes, when they we bare, The wind sall blaw for evermair.’

  1. Aye, the twa corbies indeed, ane peck’d oot his e’en,,,

    Does Scotland need its own currency – yes, if we want to be truly independent and successful straight away:

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  2. I get it. I can see the old knight betrayed by his courtiers and dumped in the political wilderness being eyed up by the BBC corbies.

    But he is far from slain and I look forward to a different ending to this particular story.

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  3. Folks do not draw any conclusions whatsoever from this ABC blocbuster
    Which went off like a damp squib
    From their point of view
    Where was the rigging of the jury
    Was this a miss trial
    Was this a wrongful verdict
    Where were the assaulted who never came forward
    How was the prosecution so incompetent
    How were the police so useless at gathering evidence
    How were defence counsel allowed to get away with so much
    And those in The British State forgot 1 very important matter
    The Independence of Scottish Law
    They thought this would all be just like rigging the whole sordid English legal system
    Do not believe me
    Then think
    Birmingham seven
    To name but a few
    Got it I hope
    Know thy Foe
    Their arrogance caught them out well and truly here
    Ah The Best Laid Plans o Men and Mice
    But such is not taught at their elite educational establishments
    Always Always Identify the weakness of you Foes they inflict awful wounds upon the bearer


  4. EXCELLENT Seumas…..I only saw the clip from Phantom Power and went to sleep composing ‘The 3 Corbies’, but you have a much better version than mine.
    Will re-read often & forward to my friends!

    Please submit to New Writing for Scotland 39, ASLS
    Deadline: Wed 30th September

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    1. I am up (and have been for several hours) , but you will need to point out which clever literary device, amongst the many, for which you are seeking a pat oan the heid.

      I liked the ‘corvid/covid’ juxtaposition – worthy of Donnie O’Rourke.


  5. Watching Gravelli, Smith and Wark enjoying their post-court coffee, my first thought was: “When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain?”

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      1. They were Macbeths
        Stirring the big rancid boiling cauldron of the ABC
        No way were they from Eastwick
        As A.Salmond no Jack Nicolson
        In the bedroom Dept
        But those of Macbeth work under ABC
        who in turn do the devils work for Jacks type


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