SHOCK as fewer than ONE in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND pupils have Covid-19

There are around 700 000 pupils in Scotland’s schools. At the time of writing, 7 or 1 in 100 000, have been diagnosed as having Covid-19. My understanding is that 2 of them have not attended the schools.

All 7 are thought to have been infected in their communities and there is no evidence of any spread of the virus within the schools.

Despite this, our MSM is awash with excited accounts, of no informative value, only the potential, for unjustified anxiety and, of course, to feed opposition parties with something they can use to cast doubt on the ‘SNP hasty return to schools policy.

The Edinburgh Live headline above is another mis-use of the word ‘after‘, loved by reporters, to imply the students caught the virus on the school.

SHOCK: Less than 10% of Scottish journalists are mature!

5 thoughts on “SHOCK as fewer than ONE in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND pupils have Covid-19

  1. Yikes though I do worry about schools and the spread of the virus, but we all know what the MSM would have done if the schools had not reopened!
    It was they who were jumping up and down when schools were closed in the first place, and pretty much demanded the Scottish Government reopen our schools pronto. The pile on if schools had not been reopened would have been horrific.

    The lowlifes in the media do not give one iota about the safety or health of kids in school, or staff, or the people of Scotland in fact. The lowlifes in the media are a disgrace, they WANT people to die of Covid19 in Scotland and it’s all for political gain, despicable.

    With 1000’s holidaying in Scotland who are travelling via and from (hot spot for Covid19) England, and no border control, we may well see a huge spike soon, sincerely hope not, but this virus is not going away anytime soon.

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    1. Is it political gain, or just that they’re drooling over a juicy headline to an even juicier non-story?

      Of course, there’s nothing to stop it being both…


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