BBC Scotland’s Disclosure Team keeping you up-to-date with the bad old days when the story suited their agenda better

Just in, from following the wrong lorry of calves all the way to Spain, letting private care home owners blame the Scottish Government and investigating pan-drop shortages among the elderly, Disclosure Scotland reveals the not-latest on Covid-19 outbreaks.

Inverclyde: One case in the last 24 hours, two in the last seven days.

I know, why not disclose why Scotland has had no Covid-19 deaths for 31 days now yet England has had hundreds?

3 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s Disclosure Team keeping you up-to-date with the bad old days when the story suited their agenda better

  1. Why not disclose what made Inverclyde the way it is. I was looking at this during the programme.

    Click to access History_politics_and_vulnerability.pdf

    There are 356 pages to this report and I would guess that most of the readers of John’s blog will know the reasons for the state of Inverclyde. The report was written in 2016 before research identified the reasons for Glasgow’s excess mortality, what was known as the Glasgow Effect. The name given to this aspect of excess mortality was disliked by researchers. It does not truly represent the causes of this tragic excess mortality.: the political actions and inactions of successive UK government, the Scottish Office and local Councils.

    The remedy is the redistribution of wealth, power and income and the rebuilding o parts of Glasgow to provide better infrastructure.

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  2. Professor Jude Robinson’s contribution was very brief. She simply identified the vulnerability of the place and people to covid19. We knew that already. Anything else the Prof had to say was edited out.

    The big question was ignored. Does Scotland need her independence to be able to change the infrastructure of Glasgow and other places and to redistribute wealth, power and income effectively. I have never heard any BBC person or programme raise that.


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