‘Above and beyond the UK’: Professor Bauld’s delight in Scotland’s statistics goes missing

On Good Morning Scotland this morning, Professor Bauld said:

What I would say is huge progress has been made in Scotland. We have these Covid-19 statistical reports from Public Health Scotland. I was delighted to see those a number of weeks ago.

She then goes on to talk about a missing element in the data. Later in the interview she says:

Scotland has done extremely well on other aspects of the the data. I would argue, above and beyond what has happened in the UK.

But in the above report and, on Reporting Scotland, ‘huge‘ and ‘progress‘, ‘above‘ and ‘beyond‘ have gone missing.

Now, I’m not criticising the emphasis in the report on what Professor Bauld thinks is missing in Scotland’s statistics but I am questioning the motivations of reporters editing out the above two strongly made positive statements. They are surely in the public interest.

I’ve often insisted that much bias is subconscious and habitual but this is clear evidence of conscious calculation and an intent to deceive.

19 thoughts on “‘Above and beyond the UK’: Professor Bauld’s delight in Scotland’s statistics goes missing

  1. To be fair John in the main ” but this is clear evidence of conscious calculation and an intent to deceive” it appears to be just that, again and again.

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  2. This was trailed from before 7.00am. There was an interview at around 7.20am with Professor Bauld who gave a fully nuanced answer. This was then used selectively in three headlines: “An expert criticises the SG for a lack of transparency” , before we had an interview with the Scottish Tory spokesperson on health who launched into the spiel which Mr Isaac Levido had provided. There was only nugatory attempts by the interviewer to ‘question’ him.

    We have a clear, long-term strategy of drip feeding a few key points into the discourse. These are designed to stop the switherers swithering.

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    1. Agreed but you’re failing to recognise they are failing miserably in the process…
      This is ABC’s problem now, having been universally recognised as a propaganda outfit, how do they reinvent credibility when public expectation is “mair shite?
      eg – Glenn Campbell has become that one log which will never flush..

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    2. The Tory was allowed to change subject a few times. If an SNP rep. does’nt answer the given problem tge way tge BBC interrogator want’s it’s a problem never mind change subject.

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  3. On a separate but related topic:
    Where is Prof Devi Sridhar?
    On holiday maybe?…..she used to be THE ‘go to’ expert for the BBC .
    Could it be Auntie found her broadly supportive comments regarding The Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic a bit too…..em…..’supportive?’

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    1. The latter without question, they still hang to the belief they are the primary source of information, but to do so nationally requires a Cummings Plan…

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  4. Re: Prof Devi Sridhar

    Its been drawn to my notice Prof Devi has a ‘piece’ published in todays NYT (New York Times)….worth a perusal.

    p.s. She’s still in Edinburgh.

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      1. Very interesting article.
        I was particularly taken with the phrase ‘and the recently departed Britain’. Admittedly taken it out of context and in another usage (dearly departed) I couldn’t help wondering if the Prof is subconsciously predicting the outcome of May’s election and the subsequent melee?


      2. Professor Sridhar does not mince her words!

        “Scotland and Northern Ireland have looked ahead at the coming winter, and made a concerted plan to minimize community transmission to avoid a serious resurgence of the virus by using the summer to drive cases as close to zero as possible and to reopen cautiously.

        But neither nation has control over its borders because they are parts of the United Kingdom. So both now face a stream of incoming infections from England and Wales, which are behaving more like the rest of Europe, as well as from people returning from holidays abroad and not abiding by government advice to isolate for 14 days.”

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