On Good Morning Scotland this morning, Professor Bauld said:

What I would say is huge progress has been made in Scotland. We have these Covid-19 statistical reports from Public Health Scotland. I was delighted to see those a number of weeks ago.

She then goes on to talk about a missing element in the data. Later in the interview she says:

Scotland has done extremely well on other aspects of the the data. I would argue, above and beyond what has happened in the UK.

But in the above report and, on Reporting Scotland, ‘huge‘ and ‘progress‘, ‘above‘ and ‘beyond‘ have gone missing.

Now, I’m not criticising the emphasis in the report on what Professor Bauld thinks is missing in Scotland’s statistics but I am questioning the motivations of reporters editing out the above two strongly made positive statements. They are surely in the public interest.

I’ve often insisted that much bias is subconscious and habitual but this is clear evidence of conscious calculation and an intent to deceive.