BBC Scotland have already been reprimanded by both the First Minister and by Professor Sridhar, for triggering anxiety in the phased return to school by irresponsibly associating two infected students with Bannerman High School when those students had not even visited the school campus.

Now the Herald headlines the above. The four students visited the schools only briefly and NHS Lanarkshire judged the risk to the wider school community to be low.

It should not be the purpose of our ‘quality’ media to create panic and to undermine a key government strategy in this way when at the same time they requested and received government finding to help them cope with loss of revenue dues to the pandemic and when they have the nerve to present themselves as somehow to be trusted.

Not only is this kind of reporting a potential cause of panic among parents and students but, also, it is wholly out of proportion on a day when Scotland’s 65 new cases were dwarved by the 1 284 in England and the 580 in neighbouring North -West England.

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