Last night the PM and the Minister for Transport responsible for this reserved matter, Grant Shapps, were the go-to-guys.

The PM led the tributes last night but by this morning, the Herald chooses this image of the FM.

I know I’m skirting ground where accusations of paranoia will pile in but readers will know that there has been a longstanding tendency for images of Scottish Government politicians to appear with stories of ‘crises’ in hospitals, schools and in policing while English and Welsh media never politicise these stories and use images of hospital building, school buildings and police vehicles. I won’t give too many examples now but can dig them out easily. You might remember these:

When the PM, the UK Minister for Transport, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and HM Chief Inspector of Railways have made tributes, why is the FM chosen to have led? I know it’s in Scotland but, in our loyal media, it’s rare for her to be leading those folk, isn’t it?