Do these books make my brain look big?

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From indyref2soon

Professor Lindsay Paterson seems to think he knows how to fix it (BBC Radio Scotland this morning) – he says to use teacher’s grading if based on a Prelim exam.

Prelims are of varying standard and in a lot of cases sat a couple of months into the school year – genius! Some were done less then a third of the way through the curriculum. Some schools sat them in March – Apples and Pears!

Also, teachers were instructed not to do that for obvious reasons.

He seems to dislike the SQA – who he judges are to blame, not John Swinney, and characterises them as mere “bureaucrats & statisticians” – a tad OTT?

[Ed: Deep irony too as he is essentially bean counter who trained in counting cows and chickens]

It’s a large organisation, and they do have rather a lot of “managerial types” – but also head teachers and other educational professionals at high levels in the organisation.

The SQA also havs Grahame Smith (Former General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress) on the Board of Management and Sonia Kordiak, the Vice Convenor of the EIS Education Committee, is on their Advisory Council – just one of the ways in which teachers are represented.

I wonder what they think of the criticisms.

Has Richard Leonard spoken to Grahame Smith?