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There’s a headline to leave you thinking: ‘That doesn’t narrow it down too much.’

Searching back for material to toss at Lord McConnell on exam fiascos, I came across this gem in the Scotsman as was, when it was a newspaper, in 2006

The YouGov poll found that more Scots now want Scotland to become independent than those who want to stay within the United Kingdom. A total of 44 per cent back independence, with 42 supporting the status quo and 15 per cent undecided. The survey of 1,200 Scots is a major boost for the SNP which is now building up strong momentum ahead of next May’s elections. The poll also found that voters would like to see Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, as First Minister. He is seen as more honest, competent and likeable and less conceited than Jack McConnell, the Scottish Labour leader, who is regarded as out of touch.


How to deal with the conceited? Make them Lords?