In May, BBC Scotland, the MSM and opposition politicians were positively drooling over this:

More than 2,000 coronavirus deaths could have been prevented if Scotland had locked down two weeks earlier, according to a new study. A team of epidemiological scientists at University of Edinburgh produced the findings, which feature in a BBC Disclosure investigation. They suggest the death rate in Scotland could have been reduced by about 80% with earlier action.

Where is the Disclosure team now? Has this kind of image below been spotted by them?

I feel sure they’re watching the Scotland row but have stopped at the 30 Day Trend in infections (blue graph) and are planning a wee trip to Aberdeen to interview the Tory/Labour unholy coalition who will blame the Scottish Government for their (Aberdeen’s) licensing committee’s errors.

Look along to the 30 Day trend in Deaths (red graph). See that wee blip? Put your reading specs on. Scotland had 1 death confirmed by a test in the last 30 days.

Look up. OMG what’s that? Wait, I thought we hadn’t really done much better? How many deaths is that in England in the last 30 days?

No surprise, the 30 day total figure is not easily found (readers?). There were 98 yesterday but the 7 day average at the beginning of July was 94 and is now 56, so conservatively, a 7 day average of around 70 for the last 30 days seems reasonable. That would be more that 2 000 deaths.

So, in crude terms, the covid-19 death rate in England was 2 000 times higher than in Scotland. England, of course, has 10 times the population so the rate, pro rata, is ‘only’ 200 times higher.

Had Scotland stayed with the preferred strategy of the Conservative Government, we too could have share in this bloody dividend with an extra 200 deaths in the last 30 days.