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By ArtyHetty:

If I were that age again I’d be absolutely bloody livid at the ‘injustice’ that is England’s Brexit being wrought on my country, most likely where my parents voted to remain so as to secure an internationalist, economically healthy, safe future, now being removed from right under my feet.

In fact the chains won’t be because of the SNP, or the SQA or whoever they want to blame, but will be secured tight around their ankles due to having no opportunities, no prospects and definitely no chance of FOM therefore studying and/or working in 27 other countries available to them. Their wings are being clipped by the EngGov in London, yet they protest about exam results, yes it’s awful to have that huge disappointment, and feel like your world just fell apart, but their world is being ruined by the big knobs re climate, re Brexit, re a likely dismantling of their own more competent socially aware and responsible government in Scotland!

It will take many more years of hard slog by a pro Scotland (SNP right now)
government to repair centuries of neglect, underinvestment, and contempt from the English masters in London, that has rendered Scotland unable to thrive, even though it is endowed with enormous wealth, all being removed by a corrupt neighbour.

The media have done this, at the behest of the BRITISH NATIONALISTS, who are the ones these weans should be shouting out about and protesting against. Scotland will be taken back decades post Brexit, where if lucky, young and old alike have to leave to have any sort of quality of life.

It’s tragic for Scotland if enough do believe the hype, but perfectly orchestrated, the BritNat propaganda machine must be being oiled (Scotland’s oil!) 24/7 right now.

Smell the BritNat fear.

Maybe the weans should protest the fact that Scotland is right at this moment denied £5.9 BILLION from the EU to mitigate against economic hit due to Covid19.

All due to England dragging their country out of the EU.

Protest that weans!

PS: Not to mention that for those who do get to go to Uni, unlike their counterparts in England, they do not incur a £30K+ ‘debt’ for tuition (fees) at the end of their studies. I know of young people in England who have £50k+ of ‘debt’ after Uni, now with no FOM and with Brexit, they will never be able to repay it. No jobs, tragic.Once sent to a loan company (some tories own loan companies) they won’t leave them alone, they will never be able to buy a property either, not with massive debt. Maybe protest that because it’s the future for kids in Scotland should a BritNat party ever get to the helm again.

Ed: Breath slowly, slowly, that’s better.