Less than 100 of the thousands supposedly mad-as-hell weans turned up in George Square today to demand that their favourite teachers’ affectionate estimates be counted at face value by the SQA

'The system has failed us': School pupils protest at George Square calling for urgent action over degraded exam results

The Tusker has decided not to make too much of the fact that the weans mis-spelled ‘weans’ as ‘wains’. It’s derived from ‘wee ane‘ (little-one). ‘Wain’ is Old English for a cart (the Haywain, constable?) or perhaps a bandwagon of the kind some are climbing on at the moment.

Hopefully these weans will feel better after a bit of outdoor protest and be ready to go back and ask their teachers to put in an appeal, like the thousands who do so every year.

As for this year’s cohort getting their teachers’ estimate just accepted, a sample of last years’s cohort said: ‘NO FNN WAY!! You’ve already got a higher pass rate. You’ll just snap up the Uni places and jobs some of us are still struggling to get.’

Next year’s cohort said: ‘OK as long as we get the same next year.’

Julian from Worcestershire said: ‘I’ve been told to sit an exam in August if I’m not happy. Happy! Why do the Jocks get everything free?’