Herald finds another Poison Pennington to suggest Scottish Government needs a ‘kicking’

Professor Willie Wardle is in the letters page of the Herald today not really explaining why he thinks the SQA ‘bungled’ things, far less how the moderation and [improved] averages ‘swamp individuals‘ and definitely not explaining why the SG should be holding the SQA’s hands, making daily decisions for it, any more than when critics like Pennington say it should do the same for health boards.

To be fair, he doesn’t seem to have actually suggested a kicking for anyone. Headline editor, Conor (16) will have seen that in some other headlines, about Nicola.

Anyhow, who is Wardle and who is he to us? He seems to have been principal at James Watt College until resigning in 2007. See this:

THE principal who twice brought Greenock”s college to the brink of strike action has finally quit his post. Bill Wardle had been on long-term sick leave since October, just weeks before potential industrial action by both the EIS teaching union and Unison support staff. Now acting principal Dr Graham Clark has announced Mr Wardle will “pursue other interests”. An email, leaked to the Tele, states: ‘Professor William Wardle has taken the decision, for personal reasons, that the time is appropriate for him to leave his post as principal and chief executive of James Watt College. The board of management wishes him well for the future.’ Allan Ferguson, EIS branch secretary, said a reported £5 million deficit will be Prof Wardle”s legacy and could lead to job losses.


Wardle had been a professor of education in England before that, leaping from a York university to an Inverclyde FE college in 2002. Perhaps he was on a lefty mission to help the disadvantaged? See below.

Since then he’s been a consultant.

So recent and relevant experience at the same level as Prof Pennington, then?

Wardle is a conservative figure when it comes to education. Former BBC Scotland news supremo, John Boothman, wrote this of him last December in the Times:

A leading educationalist has called for a return to charging Scottish university undergraduates and an end to “social engineering” that can see less well-off students gain access at the expense of wealthier ones with superior grades.


4 thoughts on “Herald finds another Poison Pennington to suggest Scottish Government needs a ‘kicking’

  1. Competent and respected military leaders of the men under their command
    Have a very fine way of dealing with such
    Buffoons of a Snr.rank who pose a clear and present danger to his unit
    He sends them on mission impossible and if by bad luck the enemy fail to dispatch him
    Then a highly rated and trusted member of your unit is armed with one of your enemies rifles
    From which the correct solution to the highly dangerous individual is dispatched
    From what comes out the barrel of said gun
    Mission accomplished as they say


  2. Think Prof. Willie Wardel has nothing to worry about. The BBC’s radio station in Scotland clearly agree with him. They have made sure their audience associate any failings in the awarding of grades to the Scottish Government.

    Wonderring if this particular Prof has ever been given a different surname? He will have earned it!

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  3. So the plot didn’t quite work, to cause a strike. Posing as left wing but really right wing. Sounds like the work of an agitator, sinister. Easy as pie, for the powerful and those desperate to hold onto Scotland’s lucrative resources.


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