The Tusker helps the Herald out after embarrassing error on Douglas Ross

Spotting an error in the Herald’s headline, below, the Tusker’s ‘night watchman’ has finished it off so that it makes sense in the light of recent opinion polls.

It looks as if the Herald’s headline editor has fallen asleep over the keyboard at a crucial moment, leaving the headline looking frankly laughable.

If history tells us anything about promoting macho males with a love for footie, then the Scottish Tories’ own ‘Jim Murphy’ figure seems unlikely to last the full 90 minutes.

One thought on “The Tusker helps the Herald out after embarrassing error on Douglas Ross

  1. Is it helpless hope, is it delusion, confusion or is it just an illusion. La la la…Whatever it is, it’s a fools game. Lol. Thing is, to decipher who the real fools are. It’s not any old cheap brasso being used to polish the t**ds, this is money no object shiney stuff.

    Gaslight the people, tell them you are going to win, no matter what, and the fools might just believe it. These sparkling shiney fakes will be in our faces for the duration, we better get used to it eh, it’s going to be difficult to shake them off. They will be stalking Scotland over the next few months, but the only way they will ever sit in the bosses chair at Holyrood is if their masters enact a coup. Put nowt past the sleekit scheming lowlifes.

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