Miles Brigg’s party, their not-so-immune herd of SAGE advisers and private care home donors and owners should be charged over the avoidable deaths

Only the members of the current extreme right Conservative Government have the sociopathic gall to try to blame others for their every sin.

Responsibility for the ‘failure to protect care home residents‘ can be laid at three ‘doors’ and none are in Edinburgh.

First, the UK Conservative Government with it’s callous ideological attachment to a herd immunity strategy, later denied but then replaced with a willingness to let the virus circulate in the community, to let the elderly, the sick and the poor be culled or after Boris, to ‘take it on the chin’, to protect the economy, and the daft notion that you could lock-down too early, which might cause ‘the people’ to lose discipline, combined in the actions of the PM to delay lock-down until months after the WHO had rung the ‘alarum bell‘ loud.

Second, the secretive SAGE advisory group ‘experts’, Whitty and Valance under pressure from Cummings, talking herd immunity language and denying the devolved nations any influence over early decisions dis-empowered the latter until devolution of the powers at the end of March, by which time the virus was in the care homes.

Third some of the private care home owners, several donors to the Conservative Party, mostly offshore-registered corporations, failed to implement infection control procedures that should have been second nature to them after decades of Flu and Norovirus, using untested agency staff from all parts of the UK to plug big gaps in the staffing in homes, understaffed because of the difficulty in recruiting enough of them because of low wages and poor conditions. Most damaging of all, some care home workers were unable to withdraw with symptoms because they could not live on poverty-level sick pay.

All of the above can be referenced by searching the blog or by Googling.

Is Miles Briggs incredibly ill-informed or just of evil-intent?

7 thoughts on “Miles Brigg’s party, their not-so-immune herd of SAGE advisers and private care home donors and owners should be charged over the avoidable deaths”

  1. Really, they have referred the ScotGov to the LA? Perhaps the ScotGov could do likewise, given the actual facts of the matter. BritNats determined to portray the ScotGov as the problem. If it wasn’t for the ScotGov effective handling of this, there would be a catastrophe re deaths right now and numbers would be rising. It doesn’t bare thinkng about. These private care home owners should be facing the judiciary, their actions are utterly criminal.

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  2. It is poignant to note the contrast, Tories in England throw Care-Home owners under the bus, while their Scottish counterparts obsessively pursue the precise opposite.
    Everything from Motormouth Murray to ABC campaigns to Poison Poison Pennington letters to YouTube videos and lately “Disclosure” have been deployed to defend Kilgour & Co with almost zero public traction.
    The financial as well as political motives in play here are fairly obvious, but is this latest wheeze to involve the Lord Advocate hoping for some wrinkle to arise for future litigation against owners, or will the result somehow prejudice a future inquiry into the the SG’s handling of the Covid crisis?
    Briggs has neither the legal knowledge nor intellectual capacity to come up with such a wheeze, so either he’s the “front-man” or he is gone fishing again.

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    1. This is a Scotland only venture, but its origin undoubtedly lies elsewhere. Pure propaganda and part of campaign to undermine confidence in the SG in General and the FM in particular. The UK gov, the real culprits wouldn’t allow this if it had any traction, any chance that it was remotely true and actionable would open up the UK gov to a similar investigation.

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  3. “Is Miles Briggs incredibly ill-informed or just of evil-intent?”

    I don’t know the personalities very well (still playing political catch up), so pardon the naive question.

    Does it have to be an ‘either/or’?

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  4. Miles.has been promoted within the ranks
    Of the SS storm troopers
    Given a shinning pair off new boots (actually cobbled together very poorly )
    But in his excubarent youthful haste to
    Impress and Put The Boot In he shall merely fall into the mud
    All rather akin to Hitler during the last
    days of the WW2 dispatching the Hitler youth to confront the might of the Soviets
    This action merely demonstrates the profound situation the Union now finds itself having to deal with


  5. Is Miles Briggs incredibly ill-informed or just of evil-intent?

    As iusedtobeenglish observed above, the two options are not mutually exclusive. Like arrogance and ignorance often go hand in hand, so do these two things.

    Is Briggs trying to get himself noticed with a view to climbing the shitty pole now that Surname Surname has been fired, I wonder.


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