Though the UK’s late lock-down and wrong-headed advice from SAGE led to Scotland suffering a comparably high death toll in the first phase of the outbreak, the statistics have been diverging since the Scottish Government took complete control.

The accumulated rate per million population in Scotland is now 456 while the UK figure is 688 and in England it is 735:

What matters most now is the recent past and the evidence it offers for planning our future.

In the last 30 days (to 30 July), there were only 6 deaths confirmed by a test in Scotland:

Readers will know that accessing England-only data is not easy. The preference of the UK Government, abetted by the UK media, for UK data only, to be presented is one of the more obvious forms of propaganda today, protecting the UK Government from full awareness and likely anger in the people of England.

Monthly data for covid-19 deaths, also seems unavailable, so I had to do it manually, so to speak, from:

In the last 30 days, there were 2 268 deaths confirmed by a test across the UK

The UK has 12 times the population as Scotland so had the lock-down been as successful, the death rate might have been around 84. It was 2 268, 27 times higher!