HAD! Some viewers have been…

Our appalling MSM cling desperately to the corpses from the initial coronavirus surge, sucking on the draining lifeblood of faded statistics

That headline is a lie. Scotland had the third highest rate of excess deaths in Europe but no longer does. This perverse inverted pride is sickening. Get up to date!

Leaving how we got here for another time, Scotland has had NO confirmed coronavirus deaths in the last two weeks and only six in the last month, just over 1 per million. England has had well over 2 000, 30 to 40 times higher per capita!


Scotland has with Norway one of the lowest death rates in the world:


12 thoughts on “HAD! Some viewers have been…”

  1. It’s not even had!

    excess mortality Z score indicates how much excess deaths there are per head of population
    looking at euromomo’s graphs


    I’ve copied the maximal Z scores for the epidemic in some european countries:

    spain 43.58
    england 39.6
    france 24.31
    belgium 24.29
    wales 18.9
    italy 16.65
    scotland 15.92
    sweden 12.93

    The base width in weeks is about the same for each country’s hump.

    As you see scotland is way down the list. It has only been in 3rd place in 2020 weeks 19 and 22 long after the peaks .
    I wonder why ONS chose these weeks for their web page??? (no I don’t).

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    1. Was put to John Swinney by John Beattie last night that Scotland had one of the worst excess death rates in Europe. He didn’t deny this, instead pointing out that we have done very well recently compared to England. (Beattie tried to stop Swinney making this point)
      I’ve never heard an SNP rep. put forward the infirmation contained in Alex’s post.
      I’m sure our Scottisn Ministers have their hands full, (and need a holiday) but their spads need to do better.
      They should start reading this blog, for starters

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  2. This is yet another example of selecting data to fit the story. Given the similarity of terminology used across the mainstream media, it looks as if they are reading from the same script.

    This indicates that they are less interested in the continuing managing of the epidemic than in destroying the adverse comparisons which the handling of the SG and the NI Executive have had, since diverging from the ‘four nations approach’.

    It is not only the MSM which is engaging in this, Source is resurrecting its ‘blame Sturgeon’ call, which it was actually the first to raise earlier this year.

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    1. Yes it’s disappointing to find Common Weal’s ‘Source’ newsletter repeat these statistics without any analysis. Perhaps they are content to find any hook for a SNP-bad, FM- bad angle nowadays.

      This is from today’s Source, an amalgam of attempts to undermine the status of the SNP and its record in government::

      “All politics is relative. The SNP is only as strong as the weakness of its political rivals.”

      “One sign of that is the fact that polls have shown declining confidence for the Scottish Government’s handling of key public services,….”. –

      “The Scottish Government should have been under severe pressure yesterday over new ONS data showing Scotland has the third worst Covid-19 mortality rate in Europe after England and Spain ,….”

      “Nicola Sturgeon’s performance on tackling the pandemic has largely been compared relative to the clownish Boris Johnson, rather than contrasted to the rest of Europe. ”

      There is a tone, a style of writing negative criticism being adopted here by Source that is notable only for its striking similarity with corporate media sources.

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  3. Scotland’s print and broadcast media is a disgrace. They openly lie and distort their reporting deliberately to fool the public into believing in a false reality for political purposes. All driven by a craven commitment to ‘protect’ England’s domination of the whole of the UK and a visceral hatred of even the idea of Scotland being a normal independent just like almost every other country in the world.
    Independence is normal. Being controlled and abused by your neighbouring country is abnormal. Wanting to dominate and control the smaller country next door to you and bleed their resources for the further enrichment of an already obscenely wealthy elite is both deviant and disgusting.

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  4. Meanwhile, in a place near you this is happening.

    “Fionna O’Leary, 🕯
    Thanks to outsourcing, England’s test and trace system is in chaos.

    £10 billion v £300 million to LA PH teams

    In Blackburn, where health chiefs are battling a major outbreak, leaked analysis indicates SERCO is reaching only 52% of all close contacts.”

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  5. “Modelling of the epidemic in Scotland estimates that on 24 July there were around 30 new infections and 300 people who could be infectious with Covid-19. Both of these numbers have fallen significantly in the last week and this is expected to continue.

    The rate of growth has increased from -31% to -24% which would suggests the rate of reduction in cases is smaller than it was 5 weeks ago.

    On 29 July, R in Scotland was estimated to be between 0.6 & 0.9.”



  6. My wife and I have been talking about the abject failure of Scottish government representatives to answer accusations by media for years. We shout angrily at SNP politicians on TV “READ TALKING UP SCOTLAND. ARE YOUR RESEARCHERS EMPLOYED BY WESTMINSTER?” But they are deaf to it and blind to the information provided by you, professor. We despair.


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