Reminder: Never be offended if I don’t respond to something

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Things are going a bit crazy around here, in my wee study.

In addition to all my usual sources, the 20 or so sites I check daily, I’m getting up to 40 emails a day suggesting things I might write about and, under posts, many extended responses suggesting the same or perhaps which are worthy of being re-posted. I also, get ideas tweeted at me and shared with FB.

I am NOT complaining. I love it but there is now real danger of missing things, misunderstanding and offending friends of the site.

So, never ever be offended.

If you think I’ve missed something email me at I always see emails but don’t always see all the other things.

And, give the email a strong title to sell the idea to me.

Thanks again everyone.


14 thoughts on “Reminder: Never be offended if I don’t respond to something”

  1. It is important to keep the workload manageable, so there is no need to apologise. I think most readers realise and appreciate the amount of work you do.

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      1. I know before I even post that this message in support of the blog will disappear into a black hole. There is something wrong with WordPress. Tonight it again asked twice for my password and then ‘lost’ my comment! Been going on a for a while and may explain why the readership is falling. We’re out here. Just not able to make contact!


  2. Along with W.G.D and M.N.R you are my first port of call everyday. I honestly don’t know how you cope with all the research you have to do to produce such informative articles, but please keep up the good work. It’s invaluable.

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  3. More power to your fingertips
    Time for some sort of funding to pay for a competent research report and collate more info to publish
    No doubt right now their exits a eager beaver graduating from Uni. In such matters of MSM matters but firmly on our side and is well aware of what we are up against
    Could turn out to be a case of
    The pupil is turned into the master down the line

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