In the above post, now deleted, I implied that Ms Lax had colluded with a member of Scotland in Union’s covert letter writing group, to share exactly the same letter and to send it to two different newspapers. I had inadvertently misread the naming of the writers, attributing one of the letters to a known member of the group when, in fact, both had been written by Ms Lax who is not on any list of the group’s members and insists that she is not a member. I sincerely regret that mistake.

Ms Lax is clearly committed to the Union, as she is entitled to be, but for me to link her to an undemocratic activist group which has members such as professors Pennington and Stevenson, is deeply regrettable and I apologise for that. I hope this post, shared with 4 600 on Twitter and 2 000 on Facebook will help to remedy the situation.

Should Ms Lax wish to write a piece for the Tusker, outlining her case for the Union, supported of course by reliable evidence, I will publish it.

Professor John Robertson

14: 55, 29/07/20