Sincere apology to Jane Lax of Craigellachie

In the above post, now deleted, I implied that Ms Lax had colluded with a member of Scotland in Union’s covert letter writing group, to share exactly the same letter and to send it to two different newspapers. I had inadvertently misread the naming of the writers, attributing one of the letters to a known member of the group when, in fact, both had been written by Ms Lax who is not on any list of the group’s members and insists that she is not a member. I sincerely regret that mistake.

Ms Lax is clearly committed to the Union, as she is entitled to be, but for me to link her to an undemocratic activist group which has members such as professors Pennington and Stevenson, is deeply regrettable and I apologise for that. I hope this post, shared with 4 600 on Twitter and 2 000 on Facebook will help to remedy the situation.

Should Ms Lax wish to write a piece for the Tusker, outlining her case for the Union, supported of course by reliable evidence, I will publish it.

Professor John Robertson

14: 55, 29/07/20

9 thoughts on “Sincere apology to Jane Lax of Craigellachie

  1. Good of you to make this major apology John. It’s seems it’s rare that you make mistakes re your blog. I for one am content that you are nothing but well meaning, and meant no malice or prejudice at all.

    It is a shame that the unionist press however are so very often prejudiced against independence supporters and make no apology for it.
    In an ideal world, truth would be paramount and genuine mistakes rectified, but the world is far from perfect sadly.


  2. John, yer erse is hingin ‘oot the windae.

    Imagine accusing Jane Lax of “running” (as my auld mither would have put it) with the These Islands brigade. I am certain she is a much, much better person than that. And better looking than either of the two of us!

    And this at a time when Lard Baron Georgio Ffoulksakia of Cumnocchio is attempting a small coup in Scotland, from his Dacha in far, faraway, Londongrad.
    Yup, our English Public Schoolboy Ffoulksakia, wants to ditch English Public Schoolboy Dicky Leotard and replace him with English Public Schoolgirl Jackanory Bellie-Flop, a tried and tested failure in top jobs.

    Ffoulksakia, who invented pavement dancing when he wrestled a surprised old lady to the ground, alleging he “was dancing with her”. El gordo Georgio, as he was led away in chains (after assaulted the fuzz) was heard to shout—-“Look at me, Ma! On top of the world–I coulda bin a contender! I coulda bin Secretary of State for Scotland”. “I’m an old Haberdasher–aske anyone”!

    Stay alert, John. We depend on you! As does Boris, if he is ever to get rid of us “verminous Scotch”.

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    1. I see there is a Jane Lax, Moray Conservative Association Treasurer, who was suspended by the Tories for a nasty joke about Sturgeon’s miscarriage.
      No idea if its the same person.
      If she is, then I take back my comment on her being a “better person”. That “Jane Lax” is clearly despicable.


    1. Hetty, Craigellachie is a village, just outside Aberlour,, the Telford designed bridge was an extraordinary leap in engineering for the early 1800s when cast-iron was all the rage and shovels and hammers were the standard tools. It’s now a listed structure.
      First and last visited it over 20 years ago when I was working in that area. quite spectacular for it’s age, well worth a visit in the summer, also known as the dryer wet of the year… 😉

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    2. There is also a Craigellachie is British Columbia. It’s famous for being the site of the “last spike” – the ceremonial completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885.

      The (few) locals all pronounce it “ˌkreɪgelˈäči” and are astonished to hear the original Scots’ pronunciation.

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  3. Indeed bravo John for owning up to the mea culpa, the BBC’s ECU could learn a thing or two about honesty from this post, however unlikely that is
    to arise…

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  4. Yes, indeed and handsomely done. It is always best to hold your hand up and apologise unreservedly as soon as you become aware you are mistaken.

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