An American in the UK telling it like it is and it is bloody but she’s pushed well down the page

It’s there, down a bit. The Herald speaks truth to power!

There it is, at the bottom, in the middle. I suppose it’s not ‘SNP MSP’s PA accuses him of masturbating in Holyrood toilets‘ is it?

England seems ‘content’ with certain level of deaths everyday, Professor Devi Sridhar suggests

It’s a headline story if ever there was one but it’s a bit too ‘strong’ for the editor. Carlaw and Fraser would make his life hell at the golf club.

In the Herald yesterday, if out of the way there, the kind of brutally honest assessment you tend only to get from a ‘visiting’ professor:

England seems ‘content’ with a certain number of virus infections and deaths every day, according to public health expert professor Devi Sridhar. The professor of Global Public health at the University of Edinburgh called on the UK Government to “clearly articulate” its virus strategy during an interview with Channel 4 news on Thursday.

Sridhar is of course, not exactly ‘visiting’ but has a permanent appointment at Edinburgh University. Perhaps she just has the lack of baggage many others have acquired, after decades of socialisation within the UK’s school and university system. In my own time, I remember droves of professors far to comfortable, ‘content’ maybe, with the status quo and the perks they get from it.

Often contemptuous of the passionate sense of injustice which drives the Yes movement, they find themselves treated with great respect as long as they offer up apparently sophisticated rationales for the Union on MSM. When these are exposed as flawed in the light of emerging evidence, they are never called to account by those same media.

Sridhar is different. She says it as she finds it with no hesitation. When the Scottish response to covid-19 was wrong, when she heard the Scottish Government’s scientific advisers appearing to be repeating uncritically the pronouncements of such as the SAGE chair, Sir Patrick Valance, talking of delaying lock-down until the ‘right time’ or flirting with ‘herd immunity’, she condemned it.

However, when Scotland’s First Minister began to articulate a firm and consistent determination to eliminate the virus and to expose as few Scots as possible to its deadly embrace, she began a daily media campaign in its support.

Under-educated, tribal opposition politicians in Scotland, then launched a scurrilous series of attacks on her science, accusing her of base personal ambition. Initially taken-back, she has not, as some might and as the likes of Carlaw, Fraser and Davidson hoped, stepped back.

Instead, she has stuck to her guns and now we see this utterly honest assessment of the deadly strategy adopted for England by a callous elite, prepared to sacrifice daily, its own people.

When I say ‘it’s own people’, I mean of course those elderly and infirm members of the lower classes, of the ethnic minority groups, of the disabled and unemployed, they care little for, beyond that time when they must con them into voting for them, every 4 or 5 years.

10 thoughts on “An American in the UK telling it like it is and it is bloody but she’s pushed well down the page”

  1. Spot on John. I saw Prof. Sridhar being interviewed on Ch4 she looks like an honest person talking to untrustworthy spivs. And, of course as in everything I’ve heard from her she is correct.

    An honest hero during a national emergency. The exact opposite of Pennington et al.

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  2. I have paid attention to her at all times
    And not for reasons of our Independence
    But from a scientific viewpoint
    She has a innate ability to tell it as it is
    No dressings it up Calls a spade a spade
    It would take one helluva good hack to get at her
    In fact if any hack became aggressive such
    Big bully boy Andrew Neil they would automatically find that they have just lost
    And no way back other than submit to your superior and relax sit back and listen
    You are be educated in the purest form


  3. I follow Devi’s twitter page every day to be kept up to date with latest developments. Her take on things seems to be followed very closely by the first ministers .
    Channel 4 have her on their programme quite often. I think they think they are on to something having found an American female with beauty, brains , a forensic grip on her speciality subject, excellent communication skills and no fear apparently of the political establishment or MSM. A very rare combination i think.

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    1. Thank you for posting this.

      I don’t want to be too cynical, but the whole piece made me think – oh, that’s why Boris has changed tack on face coverings so quickly – he’s seen people in Scotland actually going out to shops etc and spend money, after his failed attempt to get people out spending in England without them, he knows this is the way to do it! Hah, ‘there is now some evidence,,,’ he says about face masks reducing transmission what he means is ‘if this is the only way to get people out spending, I suppose we’d better do it’. Self serving grubby charlatan.


      1. In order for Boris to have a positive reaction
        Tis essential that once he seated
        And the negative lead firmly attached
        Then pick up the red cable,attach &
        Hit the ON BUTTON


      2. I have no doubt that you are correct.
        It must hurt them to see that science can be profitable even if it does go against the ‘no one tells me what to do cos i have cash’ ideology.


  4. There are lots of comments on social media about the English death sbeing hidden under the UK label.
    ‘ian mcculloch clarke
    1h Replying to @Zarkwan
    Last 4 days:
    NIreland 0. 0. 0. 0.
    Wales 0. 1. 0. 0.
    Scotland 0. 0. 0. 0.
    England 110. 78. 53. 123.
    The English govt is supported by the press & tv in making sure this info is buried under the ‘UK’ total.’

    But i suddenly realised it is sending out another subliminal message.
    It is saying NI, Wales and Scotland are too small to count, England is the ‘might’ as Moronson says.
    P.S. His language shows he thinks of Scotland as a military campaign. That should work well.
    We will never get a better chance of Independence than now!!


    1. Ananprdasad
      Re.nos.a most plausible theory might just
      Be that some one high up thinks they
      Are filling up the nos.for they Euro millions lottery and getting confused
      As to the Jackpot they SHOULD WIN
      After all the exceptional and deluded
      English actually believe that such jack pot
      Is theirs by right
      No need to actually get those dammed
      Nos.right is there
      In full knowledge they can always misappropriate
      Scotlands winning ticket
      Then hand us the small change but only if we. Beg and lick their arse


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