In a tragic attempt to convert a UK failure into a Scottish Government one, Hannah Rodger writes:

THOUSANDS of masks have had to be destroyed by Scottish health boards after they were found to be disintegrating and a health hazard. The masks, which are understood to be more than a decade old, were sent to frontline staff in March.

With Miles Briggs and Anas Sarwar then given space for an opportunistic rant and the regular Jean Freeman reference, you have to then read between her lines to get the actual news.

These masks came from a UK-wide PPE stockpile, handled by Medline, based in Illinois and in the ‘English West Midlands’. They are a subsidiary of Cardinal Health based in Dublin.

The 2021 expiry dates stuck over earlier ones would have been added in the warehouse in England, by staff of a US corporation, making profits out of PPE, before distribution directly to Scottish doctors. This is a UK-wide scheme. There is no Scottish intermediary re-labelling PPE to deceive doctors. Jeane Freeman has no part in this.