Spitfire tribute to Scotland in Union’s propaganda unit

Pilots Billy Mitchell, CBE [82] and Billy Cumberland [90] fly over SIU CEO Pamela Nash’s house and the crowd (12) below sing ‘We’ll meet again‘ after a lunch of bangers and mash, empire biscuits and warm bitter.

Several neighbours were warned by local bobbies to stop shooting at the planes with their BB guns.

The Tusker condemns warm bitter.

15 thoughts on “Spitfire tribute to Scotland in Union’s propaganda unit

  1. A Nation that continually salivates upon past glories
    Clearly demonstrate that indeed that they have nothing currently or recently to
    Glorify in and that they are no longer great along with their rapid decline has now reached terminal velocity
    We in Scotland await for Indy and the thud they shall hit the ground with
    Upon which a most unpleasant realty shall
    Confront them and their past glories are not worth a hoot

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    1. In his correspondence with John Adams in 1816, this from Thomas Jefferson:

      “… bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant, education and free discussion are the antidotes of both. We are destined to be a barrier against the returns of ignorance and barbarism.”

      And he goes on: ” I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

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  2. Spitfires, Brexit, Vera Lynne, cricket, Corrie, Boris, warm beer, cycling vicars ( off to watch the netball practice), lords and Ladies, the Monarchy and bunting, a long history of foreign Kings, News of the Screws and so on ad infinitum!
    Some people (Brit Nits) would have you believe only England has a “culture. These same people whine that Nicola Stureon wears a TARTAN mask.
    Yup, they DO have a culture–a grievance culture!

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  3. Oh do be fair chaps, Pennington had to get a fresh injection of Van Helsing serum before he and Air Raid Warden Francois saluted the flypast… Not easy when you’re both in your eighties, one age, one girth,,,

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  4. Well, I like empire biscuits.

    I agree they can be relegated to the exotic foreign foods section in the shops after independence.

    On that subject, I’ve only just got round to listening to Craig Murray’s presentation to Glasgow Pensioners for Independence Group, I have to agree with much of what he says, he talks about a path towards independence and answers questions on possibilities (though the delivery isn’t very smooth), here is a link in case you didn’t catch it:


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  5. The BBC pages have a comment about a “private ceremony” – WFT? Her coffin was carried in by active military personnel – it was a state funeral, nothing private about it at all, Spitfire fly-past et al.
    The utterly bizarre fixation with the past and “the war” is worrying, large parts of the English population seem to be in a time-warp, still back in the 1940’s and re-fighting the Germans.

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    1. The only thing they appear to fighting are
      Their own delusional minds
      And OMG are they in for a very rude awakening upon our Independence with
      Resultant deprivation of our massive natural resources
      One delusion that for sure that will be
      That in truth tis them that are the subsidy
      Junkies and not us
      Ah but such is the result of constant bombardment with deceit and lies


      1. Not only anti Europe
        But little do they realise it is actually a form of collective self harm
        Cleverly imposed upon the willing plebs.
        At the behest of the elite powerful
        And all because they have nothing very positive to offer
        Rome had a name for it Bread and Humour
        One immediately recalls Jacob Rees
        Response to covid to sing the national athem
        And whilst we on this upstart and borders
        He certainly knows all about borders ok
        When it comes to his tax affairs and relocation of parts of his business to Ireland

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  6. “The Tusker condems warm bitter”

    Is that racist.?

    They’re not all pish . . . What about Old Peculier . Guinness is good.
    Then there’s Timothy Taylor, London Pride they aren’t very good .

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    1. CB

      Yes , to condemn a peoples attempts to brew amber nectar. Is indeed a slight which will be seen as an anti English insult. When the insulted realise the offending remarks were directed at the bedrock of their society from the natives of their Northern theme park there will be much indignation and accusations of racism will abound.
      Guinness is An Irish concotion.

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