Michael Russell, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for constitutional affairs spoke to the Financial Times where he revealed that the SNP government are willing to battle Westminster in the courts to keep control of their food and agriculture market.

As far as I can see, only Edinburgh Live is covering this despite its huge significance for the lived experience of millions of Scots. BBC Scotland today:

More from the Edinburgh Live report:

Westminster plans to seize the “UU internal market” and create new post- Brexit powers that would see them enforce the food standards in both Scotland and Wales, reports the Financial Times. But in the biggest fight between Edinburgh and London rule since the Brexit vote, Scotland plans to refuse any powers imposed upon their food market and would take Westminster to court if they tried to implement it.

Aldi and Waitrose are among the supermarkets saying they will also refuse to comply with legislation that would drop the standards of food they sell. Previously Scotland and the rest of the UK were forced to adhere to strict EU standards, but now there are fears over post-Brexit food standards dropping, with particular worry over the introduction of controversial chlorinated chicken.