Barrhead Travel: NO to Independence and NO to refunds?

Book your holiday now with 9 months toupee?

Many of us have not forgotten Bill Munro, founder of Borrheid Travel, for his part in the NO campaign, in 2014. See this from BBC Scotland in March 2014:

The founder of Barrhead Travel has told his staff that a “Yes” vote in Scotland’s independence referendum would be “a disaster”. Bill Munro sent a memo to staff about what he saw as the dangers of independence and accused the SNP of misleading voters.

Now we can reveal that NO remains a deeply ingrained tendency in Munro’s former business. From Money Saving Expert yesterday::

Travel abroad from the UK has partially opened up again, after being essentially banned for over 100 days. During that time millions of people have been owed refunds for holidays they couldn’t go on. Today MoneySavingExpert reveals the results of its latest survey, with 77,000 responses, showing a stark divide in the way different travel firms treat their customers. The survey ran between 30 June and 6 July and had 77,101 individual responses about travel firms. The aim was to find out both how people felt about their ‘refund experience’ and whether they actually got one.

Barrhead Travel came 60th out of 70, just above Virgin Travel:

Hays Travel who recently saved Thomas Cook branches in Scotland came out 6th with a score of +64.

19 thoughts on “Barrhead Travel: NO to Independence and NO to refunds?

  1. I shall reply to this later
    As due to my blood boiling i am in no fit state to chose my words with the caution
    And the utmost of care
    That Persons of his Ilk shall have poured upon their head and laid at their feet
    But I shall express the truth of this matter
    Know thy Foes
    Keep the Heid
    Let the Foe lose theirs

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      1. Gordon Brewer
        Is indeed confused and so would any upon receipt of such ridiculous instructions from his and our colonial master in chief of State propaganda to rubbish the facts and Data re.this virus particularly so as it
        Public UK.Gov data that with the utmost of clarity clearly demonstrates that Scotland in ALL areas are completely out performing England by a mile
        Such is the usual result of when your foe is on the back foot and on the run
        The instructions from the top to the leaders upon the field only expose as to the actual state of confusion they are actually in and enables their pursuers
        A clearer picture of their weakness and possible likely movements
        Know thy Foe
        And knowing them
        Always yields bountiful fruit


  2. Has there ever been any decent, pleasant defenders of the Union.
    Here’s a few names Lord Braxfield, Henry Dundas, Willie Ross,
    Brian Wilson, John Boothman, Bill Munro, David Mundell, Ruthless Davidson, Alistair Jack, and finally most recent Andrew Bowie.

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  3. I have been waiting from March to get my cruise money back can’t get in touch with anyone at Barrhead travel it’s a discrase l paid a lot of money for my holiday


    1. I am also waiting for four and a half grand back for my cruise that was cancelled. Cant get in contact with them at all. Shocking!!!@

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      1. Yes and all you done so concerning canclelation were wittingly or not
        Avoiding incarceration in a floating petri dish
        For covid 19
        And a high risk of either a trip to the mortuary or very high risk of severe long term damage and life changing debilitating ravishing effects if you survived infection
        Know the Foes
        And Neo Liberal Capitalists are one of the formidable ones
        But always bear in mind
        That they are Few
        And we are many
        Never pull your punches
        Nor bow your head
        And we shall prevail
        As they and their methods FAIL


      2. We too have been trying to get to speak with someone at Barhead since March. We are owed 3 grand for a cruise that did not happen. I’m considering going to the press to air my disgust at their behaviour and their appalling lack of customer service. Their is really no excuse apart from GREED .


      3. GREED is NOT good
        And why is that.And her a piece of Ancient Wisdom for all and sadly mostly forgotten
        There shall Never be enough for even ones Greed
        But always enough for Everyone’s Need


  4. This article is a false narrative. Barrhead Travel has been owned by an American company, Travel Leads, since Feb 2018 so the fact that people have not received a refund is nothing to do with Bill Munro or his views on independence. It is a disgraceful situation and I hope that people get their money back from the company responsible. If not, ABTA can help.


  5. I have literally refused to buy any holidays from Barrhead Travel since 2014 and this mans disgusting threat to fire anyone who voted Yes, so pleased that enough people did the same that he was forced to sell, so why anyone would even listen to this self harming , suicidal ignorant ywat is beyond me, good riddance


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