Gender politics is not alienating the SNP’s working class base

In the Herald today from the always reliable Tom Gordon:

A FORMER SNP cabinet minister has warned his party risks alienating its working class base by ignoring pleas for another independence referendum and prioritising gender politics. Kenny MacAskill, the former justice secretary and current MP for East Lothian, warned not to treat traditional supporters “with contempt” or look down on them as “the Great Unwoke”.

I hesitate, but only for a minute or two, because I admire Kenny MacAskill. He’s a fine researcher and writer on Scottish working-class life and especially protest, but on this, he’s in a bubble, the Holyrood bubble, and can’t see clearly what’s happening.

In 2020, after three full polls from YouGov and Opinium with the SNP support at 54%, a smaller (103) Ipsos MORI sub-poll, for 5th to 10th June, gave them 58% with both Labour and Cons at 19%.

At the end of 2019, support had only been around the mid 40s. See this:

Now, to be fair here, we need to compare the level of support for the SNP among socio-economic groups ABC1 with the ‘working-class’ C2DE group. In the last Panelbase poll, 57% of the C2DE as opposed to only 45% of the ABC1 respondents chose the SNP. In the May poll C2DE support was lower at 52%. In the April YouGov poll it was 56%. In the March Panelbase poll it was 58% and in the January Panelbase it was 52%. See the trend? No. There isn’t one. It’s varying insignificantly, up and down, around 55%.

At the end of November it was only 45% compared to 44% for ABC1 so you might even argue, I wouldn’t, that working-class support is increasing as the SNP supposedly prioritises gender politics.

So, being scientific here, it’s hard to see any evidence for MacAskill’s claims. Where did he get the idea from? Inside his bubble, speaking to a few pals in the SNP.

Footnote: On bubbles I too am in a bubble. It’s a kind of sociological bubble but it’s a big bubble and most other bubbles like the Holyrood bubble or the Tory bubble, are inside it. I may have mentioned before that sociology despite its popular image, is the master discipline which allows ‘us’ like the Illuminati or a more advanced but benign alien species, to look down upon all you mere mortals and comment on your all-too-predictable patterns of behaviour.

We welcome the low status and the mockery because it enables us to be superior without our important work being obstructed by you behaving respectfully and thus unnaturally in our presence. Keep it up.

We know you will be feeling offended now. We understand.

12 thoughts on “Gender politics is not alienating the SNP’s working class base”

  1. <>

    And here we go again.

    First of all, it’s not for the SNP to ‘plead’ for another independence referendum . Those of us who are active in pro-independence groups – and that’s a lot more than the SNP – will decide when to push for independence. I’m talking about the Greens, the SSP, Labour for Independence, Women for Independence and all the blogs that support independence – including this one.

    Secondly, please stop calling the wish of women to take part in national politics ‘prioritising gender politics’, as if somehow women are intruders in the male (Herald?) world. Women make up at least half of the electorate. They are a force to be reckoned with but need to be allowed in. Yesterday Kirsty Blackman gave up her job as depute leader of the SNP at Westminster, citing the fact that she could only vote if she was actually in parliament, thus just about making it impossible for her to take part in politics and bring up a family. When I was working – I was single and didn’t have children – I used to find myself arriving back after days working away at a house with no food, a machine full of washing waiting to be done and I would think: I wish I had a wife. Most men don’t ever face that problem.

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    1. ‘gender politics’ is not about women in politics, its the name given to the politicisation of the ideology behind self-ID, which is effectively allowing men carte blanche to go anywhere and do anything they want, into women’s protected spaces, sexualising children and such like.

      If only it was just about the difficulty women have working and living in our discriminatory world. That’s a difficult enough issue to tackle, and the gender politics just adds to the complexity.

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      1. sorry that’s bollocks

        they have the same GRA legislation in Ireland and there is no suchlike evidence of men in women’s protected spaces or sexualising children

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  2. The Electorate haven’t been alienated yet.

    Most folk haven’t noticed the absurd GRA Bill which protects trans women’s rights but not biological women’s rights.

    The BritNat Media have been conspicuously quite on the matter (when presented with open goal EssEnnPeeBaaad and EssEnnPeeCivil War fodder)!

    The Woke Arm of the SNP have the power to alienate a lot of voters with this nonsense (to vote for another Party or just stay at home).

    I suspect this issue will be weaponised by the BritNat Politicians and their tame Media during Holyrood 2021.

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    1. I think you are correct, the Britnats have been quiet about the GRA reform, but they will definitely make sure it’s brought to the fore in the run up ti the election.

      I don’t trust MacAskill, the fact he is making this an issue about support for the SNP now, is dubious. That debate, if we can call it that, is taking place elsewhere, but much as it’s important, it will only ‘alienate’ voters, if people allow it to. That idea certainly must have some Britnats rubbing their mucky paws together though, in anticipation. They will spin this one out when it suits them. They have their poles ready, to hold those spinning plates when required, must be hard work eh!

      The whole GRA thing is being orcestrated from up high, it’s been imported, it’s dangerous and will take things backwards for all. After Brexit, no one in the UK will have any rights, but the divide and rule thing works every time.

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    2. How can Westminster ‘weaponise’ this since it has its own Gender Recognition Act?

      This ‘debate’ in Scotland is a few people using it to create division and remove focus from the main target- getting independence.


  3. On your footnote: inverted snobbery? I suffer from such a thing so don’t take offense.

    On gender politics and the SNP popularity ratings: I think it will depend on how the SNP play it when it comes to Holyrood elections. At the moment we have no choice but to vote for SNP for a pro-independence vote (their neo-Liberal leanings and lack of economic awareness are not to my taste, but where are the alternatives, none of the British parties offer anything but worse again.). So if the SNP has a major part of their manifesto with gender politics front and centre – that could affect the outcome, but there is no evidence they will do so.

    I think the majority of the ‘common people’ don’t know about or understand the self-ID debate – there is no debate in fact – or don’t believe it will be something that affects their lives. I will also make the presumption that they think it will all sort itself out before it does. A political party that has bought into a rather sinister ideology when on most things it is even-handed and reasonable is a difficult thing to get your head around. If the SNP actually come out and clearly support the ideology, I think it likely their popularity will be affected – at the moment their stance is (purposefully?) vague and if they maintain that, I doubt there will be any changes in voting intentions. If they add the ideology to their manifesto, they will have to actually debate it and examine the consequences of introducing sweeping changes into society – and that might not be quite as popular.

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  4. Totally agree with JWT @ 8.01

    The Working Class ( infact most of society) aren’t agrieved by the GRA (so far) because it’s an issue being held back to be turned into an issue when it suits the Yoons.
    When will the GRA be passed into law, the 2nd consultation put this back, is it after the 2021 Holyrood election?

    “Where did he (MacAskill) get the idea from”. How about WOS. It’s been the dominating topic on that site for years.

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  5. The GRA WILL be used by the Brit establishment because it is a contentious, alienating, and unneccessary situation brought to life by SNP and will kill independence if not stopped.

    It is that serious. Reason folk are ‘seemingly’ ok with it is due to overt lies about the outcome for women if enacted. Most have no clue what it will entail but when they know, are against it wholeheartedly.

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  6. If you mean the GRA amendment proposing gender self ID I can assure you that an absolute refusal to give any consideration to women who voice concerns which deviate from the ‘true path’ and are therefore denounced as ‘transphobes’ is causing massive anger amongst a massive ‘bubble’ of women, whose lived experience, their mother’s, grandmother’s, daughters, female friends, and what they observe and understand are women’s experiences world-wide make it screamingly obvious why there is a problem with male-bodied men being able to declare themselves to be women. Terribly sorry if that is going to cause a stooshy within the SNP, but that is the fault of the policy makers and trans activists who gaslight the experience and observations of 52% of the population.


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