Rebecca McQuillan, regular cosy-upper with Gordon Brewer, tries to fool readers into reading on after that apparently friendly headline.

Hah! Quick as you like, she inserts this:

I’d suggest that she gives us some evidence of that but then we’d have to read it. I feel sure she’d find endless articles where Carlaw, Fraser, Davidson, Bowie, Murray and, of course, the PM, are outraged or insulted or both.

She must have seen Johnson, Bowie and Rees-Mogg affecting outrage at the FM’s response to Prof Sridhar yesterday. I feel sure everyone can see who was doing the inflating.

I can’t be bothered doing it, but I feel sure we can find examples, over years and years, of Tory indignation at Scots having the nerve to actually use devolved powers.

And that last sentence? I find it really really hard, impossible, to imagine that those self-centred, dishonest, Eton schoolboys, with degrees in Classics and advertising, could ever have made a better job of managing the coronavirus response, than the two comprehensively educated, working-class women doing the job here.