Has one of Scotland’s least infected places infected England’s third-most infected place or….?


Yesterday, the First Minister was careful to talk about the flow of covid-19 infection possibly being from Scotland into England. All of the media coverage talks of a cross-border cluster across south west Scotland and north west England.

We don’t know for certain what happened yet but, these statistics might be of interest.

Today, Professor Chris Isles of Dumfries and Galloway:

We have had no new Covid positive cases throughout the region for the last eight days, no Covid positive cases in the hospital for the last five days and no Covid positive deaths for the last fortnight.


Yesterday, based on ONS figures:

In the North West today (Wednesday, July 1, 2020), there is a total of 27,303 confirmed cases, with 34 new cases recorded yesterday.


On 23rd June based on ONS figures:

Cumbria has been one of hardest by the pandemic with the third highest infection rate in the UK last month with Barrow-in-Furness having 882 cases per 100,000 people (0.88%) which was triple of England’s rate at 246.4.


From the Times today:

A new coronavirus cluster has emerged around Gretna following a rise in cross-border traffic from England. Five positive cases were recorded in Dumfries and Galloway yesterday, triggering a cross-border incident management operation. Traffic at Gretna has more than doubled since the peak of the virus, from around 6,000 vehicles a day in late March to around 14,000 in the last few weekdays. Around 20,000 vehicles a day crossed at Gretna before the pandemic. Northwest England has the highest rate of coronavirus transmission in Britain, according to UK government figures last week.

And, deep in the BBC Scotland report today

John Pagani, who runs the Café Royal in Annan, only recently reopened his business after it was shut for seven weeks. He has strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place, such as temperature checks for staff.

I have noticed an increase in the number of customers from England over the last week or so and customers say Carlisle is pretty much business as usual now.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Has one of Scotland’s least infected places infected England’s third-most infected place or….?

  1. Let me think here, where did this cluster of Covid in the border region come from , Scotland’s lowest Covid hit area or England’s highest hit area , hard one ! .

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  2. No need to worry as to where the new infections came from
    It has travelled up a one way street
    Bloody obvious and the facts and time shall prove such no matter what Spin
    The ABC ( A = Absurdistan ) put on it
    End of story

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  3. I live in Central D&G and went into Castle Douglas this morning to do essential shopping for my family and an elderly relative. The Army were setting up a mobile testing station in the King Street Car Park just 100 yards away from Tesco.
    Today, despite the Greta cluster,Tesco have decided that they are no longer monitoring the numbers entering the store and when queried the person on the door said that they were relying on our common sense(!!!!).
    It was mayhem, I was wearing a mask but I doubt if more than 1 in 20 were likewise wearing masks. Couples shopping together with the ‘spare’ partner wandering around. The fresh fruit & veg, Chilled items and meat/frozen isles choc a block with NO regard to the 2m rule (or any distancing whatsoever for that matter). I was so anxious that I did my relatives shopping and a couple of essential items and got out as soon as I could.
    I raised my concerns with a senior member of staff before I left and was basically told that ‘they were monitoring the isles’ (not when I was in them) and that if I felt like that next time I should tell a member of staff who would ‘monitor’ the situation. If I really have to go back to Tesco then I’m going shopping at 21:00 in future.
    By contrast, I also went into the Co-op who have notices displayed encouraging the wearing of masks, more expensive but at least they care.
    Roll on 10th July when masks become mandatory

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    1. Simple customers of Tesco
      If they feel that their health is at risk
      Vote with your feet and shop. With those
      Companies who not only value your custom but also your security and wellbeing
      I no longer shop at Sainsbury for that reason
      They so obviously value their shareholders more than their customers
      In the long run such companies who do
      So will confront Failure
      The customer is always correct even when they are wrong and only require polite notice of how and why they are wrong
      Customer is KING

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      1. Re..rural areas and Tesco
        Yes they were instrumental in ensuring that any local competition was eliminated
        Fast and most difficult to regain any return
        None the less All small local existing retailers
        Should be greatly encouraged to thrive and work in tandem with customers in this day and age of High Tech.to source as much as possible from local producer and Suppliers
        And a consequence of such
        Carbon foot print reduced
        Monies retained in local economy
        Hegemony of the Big Bully Boys broken
        And commence the much needed task in creation of
        The new post covid 19 way forward to a more equitable,sustainable and prosperous future

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    2. The Co-op caring – hmm? Not where I live. No hand sanitiser provided for those entering the store. No attempt to clean the handles of baskets. No provision of sanitiser to allow people to clean the handles themselves.

      From what I have seen other Co-ops nearby are the same.


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