Leading Cybernat site suffers massive fall in popularity!

Have we peaked? Views down from 414 000 to 340 000, an 18% fall. Is it all downhill from here or can we recover?

I had secretly been dreaming of the half million but it’s not to be.

I had no idea about the surge and have no more about this drop. I propose we just keep on truckin’.

(c) Robert Crumb

Global reach colouring-in is unaffected:

We are still in negotiations to have Greenland and Spitzbergen coloured-in properly, ie pretty in pink.

The situation in Colombia is not to be sniffed at, or is it? We’re certainly narcked.

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12 thoughts on “Leading Cybernat site suffers massive fall in popularity!”

    1. Maybe should leave a message in last article with link to this site or post new article with link advertising this site?


  1. Jokingly but in a clever way offer them a competition to pass a link on
    And that all who do so shall enter into a free draw and that everyone is a winner
    And what you may ask is the prize
    Simples it is


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