As Leicester locks down again, you look at that table and think:

Where’s Leicester?

Wait, Dundee is 4th?

Wales is more infected than England?

WalesOnline has done a thorough job on these figures, for obvious reasons:

Throughout the outbreak it has never made sense because, as terrible a loss of life as they have seen, none of those councils have had the most deaths of people with Covid-19 in the UK as shown in the ONS weekly stats. In recent days, it has not made sense that local authorities in Wales appear to have had the biggest rise in coronavirus cases while England has been locking down Leicester again.

Yet an investigation by the Financial Times has revealed this is largely because England has been publishing the wrong data. Its reporters have shown that the figures being published for the English council areas “contain only a fraction of the real total in those areas“. England is only including the results of one type of test in the data it is publishing for local authorities – the number of positive tests recorded in hospitals.


Dundee does not get a mention but the arguments are the same.